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Court rejects long-simmering challenge to Prop. 123 school funding

A federal appeals court Tuesday rejected a long-simmering challenge to Proposition 123, the voter-approved 2016 measure that is set to redirect an estimated $3.5 billion to Arizona public schools over a decade.... Read more»

Prop. 305: Should Arizona expand state’s school voucher program?

Prop. 305 gives parents a choice beyond one-size-fits-all schools but the referendum's opponents say will cost public schools money without proper oversight.... Read more»

Ducey declares victory in $3.5 billion Prop. 123 vote

Arizona voters have narrowly approved a plan to pump $3.5 billion into education coffers over the next decade and put an end to a long-running legal battle, Republican Governor Doug Ducey said late on Thursday.... Read more»

Prop. 123 fate unknown until vote count ends Friday

With just a bit less than 8,000 votes separating the "yes" and "no" piles of ballots across Arizona, whether Proposition 123 will pass with a narrow margin won't be clear until the last provisional ballots are counted on Friday. With most votes tallied, the controversial measure was passing narrowly: 50.41 percent to 49.59 percent.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Pass or fail, Prop. 123 is just step one

Parsing the results is a waste of time because the same question awaited victory or defeat: What's next? It's a long hard slog out of doing less financially for schools than all but two states with far lower poverty rates. It's going to require a series of political victories to change the paradigm created by the same forces now in charge. Might as well start today.... Read more»

Too close to call: Prop. 123 passing by a hair; Nearly 100k ballots left to count

Proposition 123, the controversial measure that would pull money from the State Land Trust to bolster school funding, was passing by a slender margin statewide, but there were tens of thousand of ballots left to count. Many Pima County voters joined those who were voting "no" on the question.... Read more»

Check your polling location on Pima County website

Voters who plan on heading to the polls for Tuesday's special election — whether to vote in person or drop off an early ballot — should double-check the location of their polling place, Pima County officials said. There will be 124 sites open on Election Day, with some regular locations having shifted.... Read more»

Debate over Prop. 123 rages on as election on education funding approaches

A special election in which Arizona voters will decide whether to approve $3.5 billion to fund education over the next 10 years has drawn scrutiny. Gov. Ducey is using his political capital to back Prop. 123, but State Treasurer DeWit and other opponents said it would be a shortsighted infusion that could rob the State Land Trust.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Read before burning: Prop. 123

The easiest thing to do in politics is run on tax cuts. That's why school spending ranks so low. The second easiest mission in politics is to make unwilling martyrs of those without a seat at the table. Seeing as kids can't vote, their sacrifice seems fantastically reasonable in the name of a better tomorrow. ... Read more»4

Prop. 123: Short-term solution predicted to bring long-term problems

Opponents of Prop. 123 believe the initiative misleads voters into thinking it solves the state’s education funding crisis but in reality offers a short-term solution that creates worse problems in the long run.... Read more»

Proposition 123

Opponents, backers push messages about diverting land trust for education

With May’s special election fast approaching, supporters and opponents of Proposition 123 – the multi-billion dollar proposal to divert money from the Arizona land trust to boost education funding – are trying get their voters to the polls.... Read more»

Douglas: 'Hopeful, but skeptical' about Az education

In her annual State of Education speech, Arizona schools chief Diane Douglas said "it is too early to tell if we are only spending enough money to settle a lawsuit and temporarily placate the public, or if we are seriously taking the first step to building the best education system in the nation." ... Read more»

State of the State

Ducey promises year of education reform & economic improvement

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey emphasized the progress his administration has made in the past year in balancing the state’s budget on Monday and promised to move billions of dollars into education funding in 2016.... Read more»