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Landlords urged to be 'patient' with COVID rent assistance still available in Tucson, Pima County

More than $20 million remains in a local fund to support tenants and landlords affected by COVID-19, officials said, asking property owners to hold off on evictions. The program can cover up to 15 months of rent.... Read more»

Tucson opens cooling stations to combat excessive heat

In an effort to meet the need for respite from the record high temperatures, the city of Tucson has opened cooling stations in all six wards through Friday, June 18 and for any day after that has temperatures exceeding 110 degrees.... Read more»

Tucson felons set aside their past with rights restoration clinics

Felons with multiple convictions cannot vote, run for public office, sit on a jury or possess a firearm. They must have these rights restored via what is called a judicial “set aside.” In general, the set aside is an important step for former prisoners to return to a “normal” life. ... Read more»

Down payment grants available for home buyers

If you are dreaming of buying a home, assistance from the Tucson NeighborhoodLIFT program might be just what you need. The program only has about 20 $15,000 grants remaining to provide mortgage down payment assistance for qualified homebuyers.... Read more»

$3.3M helps local orgs assist homeless veterans

Three local organizations have been awarded almost $3.3 million to help fight homelessness among military veterans in Southern Arizona. Seven-year Army vet Bobby Diaz and his family are among those who've been helped by the Red Cross. "It was fast, a lot faster than I thought it would be," he said. "They have services and I got a home within a week."... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Working to provide pathways out of poverty

Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham, plus Rob LaMaster, executive director of the Tucson Police Foundation, talked about the upcoming Cops and Rodders Car Show; Michael Finkelstein of the Primavera Foundation talked about poverty in Tucson, while attorney Don Loose broke down the ballot propositions.... Read more»

Nonprofits want to help many in Pima County buy homes

Pima County residents with low- to moderate-incomes who hope to purchase a home can learn how local nonprofits can help at an open house Saturday.... Read more»

Feds help vets' families avoid homelessness

Thanks to federal grants from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Arizona organizations can help more veterans’ families avoid eviction and find permanent places to live, as well as connect with financial help and health care.... Read more»

Food festival preview

The most wonderful time... for foodies

From Arizona Restaurant Week to the Greek Festival, the Beer Festival, Tucson Meet Yourself and more, September, October and November give Tucson foodies reason to chew and cheer.... Read more»