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Focus expected to narrow onto Senate race after Arizona primaries

Although Arizona voters will cast ballots Tuesday in Republican and Democratic Senate primaries, the result is all but a foregone conclusion. But the race between incumbent Republican Senator Martha McSally’s and Democrat Mark Kelly, a retired Navy captain and space shuttle commander, is expected to be very competitive.... Read more»

After clear victory in Arizona, Biden looks to be in control

This week’s Democratic presidential preference election in Arizona was no contest, as voters clearly favored Joe Biden over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Biden also won Illinois and Florida Tuesday night, prompting Sanders to announce he’s assessing his candidacy. ... Read more»

Poll puts Biden firmly leading in Arizona

A new poll of Arizona voters gives former Vice President Joe Biden a sizable lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the state’s March 17 primary and suggests Arizona could be in play for the Democrats come the November general election. ... Read more»

Arizona judge halts ballot mailings amid virus outbreak

A state judge blocked Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes on Friday from mailing ballots to all eligible voters in the county as an effort to minimize human interaction during the state’s presidential primary on Tuesday due to the coronavirus outbreak. ... Read more»

Biden and Sanders debate on coronavirus and health care solutions

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden found common ground during a Democratic presidential candidate debate in Washington, D.C. Sunday night, with both candidates saying they support a financial bailout in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic gripping the nation – so long as it ensures that working families are made whole. ... Read more»

Did dark money group that spurred landmark ruling mislead IRS?

A western nonprofit that played a key role in freeing corporate spending on elections nationwide appears to have misled the IRS when it applied for the tax-exempt status that shields its donors from being publicly disclosed.... Read more»


Berman: Az voters may change way we elect candidates

With registered independent voters in Arizona already outnumbering registered Democrats and soon to surpass the roster of registered Republicans, have political party primaries outlived their usefulness?... Read more»

More than half of Arizonans support nonpartisan primary elections

More than half of Arizonans support switching from partisan primaries to a nonpartisan ballot that would send the highest-polling candidates on to the general election regardless of party affiliation, according to a poll released Monday.... Read more»1


The nonpartisan primary: Is it a game changer?

Can the election system be reshaped to encourage greater moderation? There is no magic bullet but there is reason to believe that some progress could be made by replacing the current system with a nonpartisan blanket primary.... Read more»1