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Why doesn’t Medicare cover services so many seniors need?

“Traditional” Medicare does not cover many benefits used overwhelmingly by its beneficiaries, including most vision, dental and hearing care - and drug coverage is available only by purchasing a separate insurance plan - but Democrats in Congress plan to try to change that.... Read more»

Arizona high court revives suit over pharmacist joke about erectile dysfunction

Was the witty banter between a Costco pharmacist and a man’s ex-wife in good faith? The man will get a chance to prove it wasn’t.... Read more»

Big data + Big pharma = Big money

Need another reminder of how much drugmakers spend to discover what doctors are prescribing? Look no further than new documents from the leading keeper of such data. ... Read more»

In a major shift, Medicare wants power to ban harmful prescribers

Medicare plans to arm itself with broad new powers to better control — and potentially ban — doctors engaged in fraudulent or harmful prescribing, following a series of articles by ProPublica detailing lax oversight in its drug program. ... Read more»

Nine ideas to make Tylenol and other acetaminophen drugs safer

Today, we share some of the more prominent proposals to reduce the harm from one of America’s most widely used pain relievers.... Read more»

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Police, DEA take aim at old prescription drugs

Old and unused prescription drugs piling up in your medicine cabinet can tempt children bent on abusing them, officials say. Federal and state officials are urging Arizonans to bring their unused, unwanted and expired prescription medicines to collection sites Saturday as part of the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.... Read more»

Empty your medicine cabinet on Drug Take-Back Day

Nearly two dozen locations around Southern Arizona will be collecting unwanted prescription drugs for safe disposal this Saturday.... Read more»