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No, the Senate-passed reconciliation bill won’t strip $300 billion from Medicare

As Senate Democrats raced to pass what could be their final piece of major legislation before the midterm elections, critics went to the airwaves to falsely blast the proposal as hurting older Americans who rely on Medicare.... Read more»

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How Medicare prescription drug coverage would change under U.S. Senate Democrats’ bill

A major spending bill from U.S. Senate Democrats would allow Medicare for the first time in its history to begin negotiating the prices of certain high-priced prescription drugs — a proposal that’s been around for years but has never come close to the finish line.... Read more»

Abortion medications set to become next legal battlefield

Receiving abortion medications through the mail after consulting with a physician is a gray area of the law that may take years of legal battles to resolve as it will be difficult to prove in courts that the FDA approval preempts state abortion bans, ... Read more»

As drugmakers cut off discounts, providers fret for low-income patients

Hospitals and community and rural health clinics that serve low-income patients say drug manufacturers have threatened their financial stability by abandoning a federal drug discount program that saves those health providers millions of dollars a year. ... Read more»


Dangerous counterfeit drugs are putting millions of U.S. consumers at risk

19 million Americans obtained likely counterfeit prescription medications through non-licensed internet pharmacies or while traveling - but while counterfeit medications may look legitimate, active ingredients are frequently replaced with dangerous alternatives.... Read more»

At U.S. hospitals, a drug mix-up is just a few keystrokes away

Nurse RaDonda Vaught was prosecuted this year in an extremely rare criminal trial for a medical mistake, but the drug mix-up at the center of her case is anything but rare and the technological vulnerability that made the error possible still persists.... Read more»

Insulin price cap approved by U.S. House as Georgia’s Warnock pushes for Senate passage

The U.S. House on Thursday passed a bill on a bipartisan 232-193 vote that would limit the price of insulin, as congressional Democrats met throughout the day with health care advocates to make their case for the proposal. ... Read more»

In State of the Union, Biden urges 'unmistakable' support for democracy in Ukraine

President Joe Biden used his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night to reassert America as a leading global voice for democracy and condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin for starting an “unprovoked” war in Ukraine. ... Read more»

With overdose deaths surging, advocates on the ground push for over-the-counter naloxone

As overdose deaths nationwide reach all-time highs, increasing access to naloxone is a key part of the Biden administration's overdose prevention strategy - but advocates say the administration has not addressed their greatest barrier to obtaining the lifesaving medication.... Read more»

COVID-fighting pill is coming as U.S. preorders millions of doses from Pfizer

Pfizer joins pharmaceutical giant Merck in seeking Food and Drug Administration approval for a COVID-fighting pill after clinical trials showed the pill prevented 89% of hospitalizations and deaths, and the the United States is primed to have millions of doses of the pill in hand.... Read more»

Despite restraints, Democrats’ drug pricing plan could still aid consumers

The Medicare prescription drug pricing plan Democrats unveiled this week is not nearly as ambitious as many lawmakers sought, but they and drug policy experts say the provisions crack open the door to reforms that could have dramatic effects. ... Read more»

Pharma campaign cash delivered to key lawmakers with surgical precision

The Biden administration and Congress are embroiled in haggling over what priorities will make it into the spending bill, but for the pharmaceutical industry there is one agenda: Heading off Medicare drug price negotiation, which it considers an threat to its business model.... Read more»

Public backs Medicare prescription price negotiation even after hearing both sides’ views

As Congress debates cutting prescription drug costs, a poll released Tuesday found the majority of adults — regardless of political party or age — support letting the federal government negotiate drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries and those in private health insurance plans.... Read more»

Sinema's campaign a favorite for big pharma donations

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema formed a congressional caucus to raise “awareness of the benefits of personalized medicine” in February. Soon after that, employees of pharmaceutical companies donated $35,000 to her campaign committee.... Read more»

Generic drug prices are declining, but many consumers aren’t benefiting

Outcry has been building over the rising cost of brand-name medications, but the price of generic drugs has been moving in the opposite direction. The stock prices of generic manufacturers have tumbled, but many consumers aren’t paying less at the pharmacy counter. ... Read more»

Dollars for doctors

Another study finds links between pharma money and brand-name prescribing

A group of researchers at Harvard Medical School has found that medical industry payments to physicians in Massachusetts are associated with higher rates of prescribing brand-name drugs that treat high cholesterol.... Read more»

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