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Surge in congenital syphilis gives Arizona second-worst rate in U.S.

Congenital syphilis cases in Arizona rose more than sevenfold from 2016 to 2020, pushing the state from the sixth- to second-worst in the nation in that time, a rise that far outstripped the rise in congenital syphilis cases nationally.... Read more»

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COVID vaccines benefit pregnant women and their infants, studies show

Experts with the CDC and elsewhere have issued calls for pregnant women to get vaccinated against COVID-19, citing low vaccination rates and the potential for severe illness and even death - now, several studies show both mothers and infants can benefit from the vaccines.... Read more»

As abortion pills take off, some states move to curb them

Since January, legislators in Arizona and at least 20 other states have proposed bills that would restrict or ban access to abortion pills approved more than two decades ago by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. ... Read more»

Count the Kicks campaign to combat stillbirths expands to Arizona

Count the Kicks - dedicated to teaching expectant mothers about fetal movement and tracking the health of their unborn children - is expanding this month to Arizona and partnering with AZDHS to get educational materials to the people who are part of an expectant mom’s journey.... Read more»

Pregnant women aren’t getting COVID vaccine; Arizona health providers worry

A CDC study found that pregnant women with symptomatic COVID-19 have a 70% greater chance of dying than symptomatic people who aren’t pregnant - yet despite the risks, as of Dec. 4, only 17.8% of pregnant people in the U.S. were fully vaccinated.... Read more»

Rural midwives fill gap as hospitals cut childbirth services

As hospitals across the country are struggling to stay afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic, some have had to cut or suspend obstetric services - but at least 8 states, including Arizona, have passed laws expanding coverage for midwifery and doula services.... Read more»

Expert panel recommends Merck COVID treatment drug to FDA in close vote

An expert panel voted 13-10 Tuesday recommending the U.S. Food and Drug Administration grant emergency use authorization to a new drug developed by Merck to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in unvaccinated patients. ... Read more»

Doctors urge pregnant women to get COVID vaccine as severe complications rise

Doctors and health officials are pleading with pregnant women to get vaccinated as more expectant mothers are ending up in the ICU with COVID-19 — and in some cases, they or their infants are dying — mostly in states with low vaccination rates. ... Read more»

Tucson advocate spotlights maternal deaths related to mental health

The national conversation around maternal mortality has served to spotlight physical complications, such as cardiovascular issues, but Tucson resident Sarah Barrett is among those battling a leading but overlooked cause of pregnancy-related deaths: conditions linked to mental health.... Read more»

Limited Medicaid access puts childbearing women at risk

In states that have declined to expand Medicaid to all adults with lower incomes, women of childbearing age are more than twice as likely to be without health insurance as those living in expansion states - a disparity that helps explain the United States’ dismal maternal mortality rate. ... Read more»

V-Safe: How everyday people help the CDC track COVID vaccine safety

Of the 203 million people who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, more than 9 million have enrolled in a program to share information about their health since getting the shot - and reviews of the program have mostly been positive.... Read more»

CDC urges pregnant women to get COVID vaccine

Pregnant women should prioritize vaccination against COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged Wednesday, citing rising numbers of expecting mothers admitted to hospitals with the virus. ... Read more»

CDC data thus far show COVID-19 vaccination safe during pregnancy

Federal vaccine monitoring systems have identified no safety concerns with the COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant people and preliminary CDC data show that miscarriage is not more frequent than expected in vaccinated people - however, online posts falsely contend that such data shows an 82% miscarriage rate.... Read more»

ICE to limit detention of pregnant women in reversal of Trump-era rule

Under a July 1 directive signed by ICE's acting Director Tae Johnson, immigration officials will no longer detain, arrest, or take into custody those who are pregnant or nursing unless their release is prohibited by law or "exceptional circumstances".... Read more»

Taking AIM: Arizona hospitals collaborate to fight maternal mortality

The AIM Collaborative brings together 33 hospitals across Arizona to help combat pregnancy-related deaths and address underlying causes using strategies based on evidence as federal and state officials have pushed for legislation to protect mothers.... Read more»

Evidence points to safety of COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women

Clinical trials and medical studies have indicated that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women, but online posts misrepresent unverified reports to misleadingly suggest “920 women” lost babies because they received the vaccination.... Read more»

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