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What the Devil won't tell you

Cancel Legislature of 2022 seeks to muzzle Arizona's progressives & other undesireables

Gay people, teachers, transgender students and F. Scott Fitzgerald are in the sights of Arizona Republicans, who seek to silence the politically and culturally disobedient.... Read more»1

Prosecutors dropping child porn charges after software tools questioned

More than a dozen cases were dismissed after defense attorneys asked to examine, or raised doubts about, computer programs that track illegal images to internet addresses.... Read more»

Child porn could land Tucson sex offender in prison for 100 years

A Tucson man with a lengthy rap sheet may spend the rest of his life behind bars following his conviction for child pornography. Edgar Allen Fristoe, 65, faces sentencing of up to a century in prison next month.... Read more»1

Lawmaker: Use lottery to fund child-exploitation investigations

Thousands of Internet addresses in Arizona trade in child pornography and almost none of them are being investigated, said a state representative who wants to use $5 million of lottery money to increase enforcement. ... Read more»

Police: Youth soccer referee arrested for sharing child porn

The Tucson Police Department arrested a Tucson man on Tuesday for 20 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, authorities said.... Read more»3

Border checkpoint nabs child porn suspect

Agents at a border checkpoint near Three Points arrested a man Thursday wanted for child pornography. ... Read more»