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Maricopa County led nation in population growth; Pinal, Yavapai surged

Maricopa County added more new residents than any county in the nation last year, continuing a trend that local officials call a credit to the region’s opportunities and affordability, and all but four counties – Apache, Coconino, Greenlee and La Paz – saw population increases last year.... Read more»

Bipartisan bill to promote affordable housing introduced in Arizona House

Two Arizona legislators introduced a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would address the state’s housing crisis by increasing construction of affordable homes and providing aid to the homeless.... Read more»

Buckeye bumped from top spot; Valley cities still post big population gains

The Census numbers showed Buckeye, bumped from the top spot for population growth rate in 2019, is still the second-fastest growing city in the nation for the decade. Phoenix maintained its perch as the city with the largest number of new residents in 2019, keeping it in fifth place for overall population behind New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.... Read more»

For seventh straight decade, Arizona should gain House seat from Census

For the last six decades, Arizona has gained seats in Congress due to population growth. That streak is likely to continue in 2020.... Read more»

Democrats move to block Trump from weakening Endangered Species Act

Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday that would repeal rules the Trump administration used to reduce protections under the Endangered Species Act. ... Read more»

Buckeye had nation’s fastest growth, Phoenix added most people in 2018

Buckeye posted the fastest growth rate among cities in the nation last year, while Phoenix held the top spot for the size of its overall growth, according to new numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau.... Read more»

Maricopa County includes pets in annual homeless survey for the first time

Every January, volunteers in Maricopa County conduct the Point-in-Time homeless count in hopes of learning about challenges faced by people who lack shelter. This year they are asking about the pets homeless people have with them.... Read more»

Census: State added 100K residents in 2015

Arizona’s population grew by nearly 100,000 in 2015, driven largely by growth in Maricopa County which saw the second-largest increase among counties in the nation, according to new Census Bureau estimates.... Read more»


On population, U.S. remains in full denial mode

Of all the fantasies indulged in by a society speeding toward self-destruction, none is as consequential as the idea that continuing growth — both in population and size of our economy — has a happy-ever-after ending. Yet, when overpopulation is discussed at all, it is discussed as a problem limited to the developing world.... Read more»

Experts: Az’s population growth will rebound

The rapid population growth that drove Arizona’s economy before the Great Recession could return in large part within several years as things improve elsewhere, experts say.... Read more»

Analyst: Az's economic recovery years away

Arizona’s economy is showing “slow, grinding” improvement, but a full recovery will likely take until 2015 and won’t occur until population growth and construction pick up again, a leading economist said Friday.... Read more»


History, as I've known it...

A black president? If you were born during the past three years, you've never known anything else.... Read more»

Experts call Arizona’s census results lower than expected

Decennial census data released Thursday confirmed that Arizona's population has grown by nearly every measure, but experts said they expected to see even higher rates of growth.... Read more»

Census: Hispanic kids outnumber whites in Az

Arizona's Hispanic population grew far faster than other groups over the past decade, and children of Hispanic ancestry now outnumber those who are white, according to 2010 Census numbers released Thursday.... Read more»

Census gives Arizona ninth House seat

Arizona's population growth over the past decade means the state will gain an extra seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, census data released Tuesday indicates. Arizona was the second-fastest growing state, after Nevada.... Read more»

India's population: Is sterilization the answer?

India, falling behind in its race to meet the Millennium Development Goals for reducing its birth rate by 2015, has returned to a focus on sterilization. Critics of India's repackaged population control program say the cure may be worse than the disease. ... Read more»