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2 Southwest tribes raise concerns over uranium storage

The possibility the Department of Energy will establish a strategic uranium reserve to increase the domestic stockpile of uranium comes at a cost: increased contamination borne by Native American tribes and local residents throughout the Southwest.... Read more»

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Grijalva leads push to update 150-year-old federal mining law

Democrats in Congress are hoping to overhaul the nation’s 150-year-old system for mining the elements needed for battery manufacturing, as high gas prices and Russia’s war in Ukraine underline the need to transition from oil and gas to renewable energy sources.... Read more»

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Let’s put more effort into investigating and prosecuting environmental crimes

To protect communities from environmental harms caused by corporate polluters, lax oversight, and poor enforcement of existing laws, an increased effort needs to be made at uncovering environmental crimes, and holding those responsible accountable.... Read more»

Contaminación del aire alcanza niveles dañinos en Tucson, advierte Condado Pima

Las nieveles de contaminación del aire en Tucson alcanzaron niveles dañinos, provocando una adviso del Departamento del Condado Pima de Calidad Ambiental de que los residentes deben evitar la actividad física intensa al aire libre.... Read more»

Tucson air pollution hits harmful level, Pima County warns

Air pollution in the Tucson metro area hit harmful levels on Friday, prompting an advisory from Pima County that residents should avoid intense physical outdoor activity because of the amount of ground-level ozone.... Read more»

Climate change is pushing toxic chemicals into drinking wells

With climate change confronting communities, people who rely on wells are at particular risk as drought can increase the concentration of contaminants in well water, and wildfires damage equipment and piping, leaching toxic chemicals into drinking water.... Read more»

Phoenix es una de los 25 peores cidades EE. UU. por la polución del aire, según informe

El 84% de las personas en Arizona viven en comunidades que recibieron calificaciones de "F" por la calidad del aire, con los condados de Maricopa y Pinal entre los más contaminados y los condados de Pima y Gila siguiéndolos.... Read more»

State of the Air report ranks Phoenix among 25 worst U.S. cities for pollution

84% of people in Arizona live in communities that received “F” grades for their air quality based on high ozone days and high particle pollution days, with Maricopa and Pinal counties among the most polluted and Pima and Gila counties following.... Read more»1

Earth Day, and the media’s point of view

By all scientific accounts, the environmental crisis that activists highlighted more than half a century ago with the first Earth Day is much more dire today, yet network news anchors from 1970 were in many ways ahead of where journalists are now.... Read more»

Cleanup of abandoned uranium mines stirs demand for workers

With big money flowing in the coming decade from settlements with large corporations and the U.S. government for contamination, cleanup of hundreds of abandoned uranium mines - found in all corners of the Southwest - will finally begin.... Read more»

A battle brews in U.S. over natural gas bans

Some of the country’s most populous cities have banned gas hookups in new developments - but over the last year, Republican-controlled legislatures have passed bills that prohibit cities from banning natural gas infrastructure in new construction.... Read more»

Revival of Trump water rule brings fierce critique from Roberts and minority

Chief Justice Roberts joined the Supreme Court’s liberal wing in a dissent criticizing the court reinstating a Trump administration policy that shores up energy projects capable of polluting waterways - as well as the majority’s use of the emergency docket. ... Read more»

Air pollution from western wildfires could triple by end of century

Multiple climate models predict air pollution from wildfires across the western U.S. could as much as triple by 2100 without climate change mitigation efforts, and fine particle pollution over the U.S. Pacific Northwest will increase under all scenarios, even under strong mitigations.... Read more»

SEC climate rule would force companies to disclose emissions

Environmental advocacy groups are celebrating a proposal from the US Securities and Exchange Commission that would require publicly traded companies to share with their investors the risks their companies face from climate change and their greenhouse gas emissions.... Read more»

Countries set two-year deadline for international treaty on plastic pollution 'epidemic'

Representatives of 175 countries have agreed to work together to produce a global treaty to restrict plastics, as emissions from fossil-based plastics surpass air travel and the world’s waterways become inundated with plastic waste.... Read more»

Uranium mine near Grand Canyon permitted by court, despite mining ban

A federal court rejected claims by tribal and environmental groups and ruled Tuesday that the Pinyon Plain uranium mine near the Grand Canyon can operate, even though it sits on 1 million acres that the federal government has declared off-limits to new mining. ... Read more»

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