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Achoo! 5 essential reads for pollen season

As spring expands across North America, trees, shrubs and flowers are releasing pollen, and as pollen travels, it also triggers allergies in some 25 million Americans - this roundup of articles describes recent findings on coping with pollen season.... Read more»

Mystery of the monarchs: Western butterfly populations stage remarkable comeback

Scientists at Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove were alarmed last year when fewer than 200 monarch butterflies were counted, he fewest since annual tracking of the pollinators began in 1997 - but this last counting season, an estimated 22,000 monarchs were tallied at the grove. ... Read more»

On the crawl: Why so many caterpillars are wriggling around Arizona

The increased rainfall from this year's monsoon stimulated the growth of essential food for tens of thousands of caterpillars frantically wriggling across Arizona, as they continue their mission to eat as much as possible before becoming white-lined sphinx moths.... Read more»

Combination of agricultural chemicals kills more bees than previously thought

The combined effects of multiple agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, are having a greater impact on bee mortality than previously believed, and the underestimations mean that bees are not protected by current regulatory processes, researchers warn.... Read more»