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Biden holds on to 8-point lead among likely Arizona voters in new poll

A poll out Monday shows Vice President Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by eight points in Arizona, a weakening Republican stronghold that hasn’t gone to a Democrat in a presidential election since Bill Clinton in 1996.... Read more»

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Poll: Az voters back legal pot and a tax hike on the rich to fund schools

Majorities of Arizona voters say they support ballot measures that would legalize marijuana and tax the wealthy to increase funding for schools and raise teacher salaries, according to a new poll.... Read more»

Poll: Arizonans favor recreational pot measure by wide margin

If a proposed citizen initiative to legalize recreational marijuana makes it onto the ballot, it appears likely to cruise to an easy victory, according to a new poll that showed overwhelming support across party lines.... Read more»

Kelly has 5-point lead on Arizona’s McSally in Senate race

Tuesday poll numbers show McSally losing her Senate seat next November to her Democratic opponent, former astronaut Mark Kelly.... Read more»1

Slim majority favors legal pot in Az

Nearly four years after Arizonans narrowly approved medical marijuana, a poll suggests that a slight majority favors legalizing the drug. Fifty-one percent of those responding to the Behavior Research Center's Rocky Mountain Poll said the sale of marijuana should be legal. ... Read more»4

Poll: Arizona won't be easy pick-up for Obama

A poll released Wednesday shows Mitt Romney with a 7-point lead over President Obama in Arizona. In the U.S. Senate race, Richard Carmona trails his rivals, but leads among voters who know enough about him to have an opinion.... Read more»

Poll: Obama/Romney race a toss-up in Arizona

Arizona voters who've made up their minds are evenly split between President Barack Obama and likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney, but 18 percent remain undecided, a poll released Monday said.... Read more»

Giffords leads with Dems, Palin with GOP in Senate primary poll

Arizona Democrats favor U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as their nominee to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Jon Kyl. For Republicans, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is their top choice as a Senate candidate.... Read more»1

Poll: Support for alternative energy, path to citizenship trancends political barriers

A just-released Pew Research Center study shows strong support across the political spectrum for energy alternatives and offering a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.... Read more»


Polls: Public backs collective bargaining rights for state workers

Wisconsin's governor seeks to eliminate collective bargaining rights for state workers. He claims this change is necessary to bring the state’s budget under control. The public, he reasoned, would take his side against the “greedy” unions. That doesn’t seem to be happening.... Read more»

Afghanistan: Public opinion turns sharply against U.S. forces

First the good news: U.S. forces are still more popular in Afghanistan than Osama bin Laden. But more than half of all Afghans — 55 percent — want U.S. forces out of their country, and the sooner the better.... Read more»1

Public: 'No thanks on that repeal thing'

Conservatives are likely to do very well in Tuesday’s election. They are also likely to make all kinds of fallacious claims about what the election means. One we’re likely to hear is a supposed mandate to repeal health care reform. But claiming a mandate doesn’t make it so. Consider these results from two recent polls.... Read more»

Brewer lead over Goddard slips to 3 points

Incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer's lead over challenger Terry Goddard has slipped to just 3 points in a new Rocky Mountain Poll. More than one in five — 21 percent — are still undecided, said the survey.... Read more»

Goddard tightens race with Brewer, slightly

The race between Republican Governor Jan Brewer and Democratic challenger Terry Goddard has grown a bit tighter, according to a new poll. But Brewer, seeking election in her own right, still has a 55-39 percent lead over the current state attorney general.... Read more»

McCain widens lead over Glassman

U.S. Sen. John McCain has widened his lead over challenger Rodney Glassman, a poll from Rasmussen Reports says.... Read more»

McClung says she trails Grijalva by 7 points

Ruth McClung, the novice Republican challenging Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva, released a poll Wednesday showing that she trails the incumbent by seven points.... Read more»

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