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Election officials at U.S. Senate hearing describe threats, spread of misinformation

During a hearing on protecting election officials, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee explored how to combat violent threats against election officials - while Republicans questioned threats against crisis pregnancy centers and Supreme Court justices. ... Read more»


Conservative groups raise money for voter-fraud probes as states ban election grants

Conservative nonprofit True the Vote has announced it will partner with conservative sheriffs’ groups to fuel investigations into 2020 voter fraud allegations and increase surveillance of voting - but a spate of new state laws bans private grants for elections.... Read more»

Az Republicans urge vigilantes to watch ballot drop boxes, polling locations, to sniff out fraud

At a nearly 4-hour “election security forum,” Lake Havasu Republican Sonny Borrelli and Oro Valley Republican Representative Mark Finchem both had the same message for the fired up audience in attendance: Watch the drop boxes. ... Read more»

Election officials risk criminal charges under 31 new GOP-imposed penalties

12 states have enacted 35 new criminal penalties targeting election officials since 2020, and of the 35 new penalties, 31 were enacted in Republican-controlled states - part of a larger effort to criminalize people involved in the election process. ... Read more»

Criminalizing the vote: GOP-led states enacted 102 new election penalties after 2020

Across the country, states have passed new laws that give the green light to prosecutors to treat like criminals all kinds of people involved in the election process, whether they are voters, election officials or third parties that assist voters.... Read more»

What has & hasn’t changed about voting in Arizona ahead of primary

Whether voters fill out their ballots at home or head to the polls for the primary election in Arizona this summer, they’ll see some minor changes from 2020, but most new laws you may have heard about won’t affect this primary. ... Read more»

Trump just endorsed an Oath Keeper’s plan to seize control of the Republican Party

Former President Donald Trump has officially endorsed a plan - known as the “precinct strategy” - created by a man who has self-identified with the Oath Keeper militia, that aims to have Trump supporters consolidate control of the Republican Party.... Read more»

Election officials scramble to find poll workers

With no presidential or congressional races on the ballot this year, election officials are scrambling to find the workers they need so voters can weigh in on the still-important host of state, local and judicial races on ballots around the country — races that have direct impact on local communities. ... Read more»