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Ex-cop lawmaker wants to restrict recording videos of Arizona cops

Videos like those that captured police killing George Floyd and Eric Garner would be illegal in Arizona under a new law proposed by Fountain Hills Republican Rep. John Kavanagh - a bill similar to one proposed by the retired police officer in 2016.... Read more»

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A 'fair and speedy trial' is a pipe dream for many poor Americans

While most Americans believe arrested people go to court soon after their arrest, Constitutional guarantees of a “fair and speedy trial” are infrequently honored in our under-resourced criminal justice system.... Read more»

COVID-19 leading cause of law enforcement deaths in 2021

COVID-19 was the leading cause of law enforcement deaths in 2021, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, with some 301 deaths directly attributable to the pandemic as of December 31, 2021, and a final number that was likely to be higher.... Read more»

Capitol police embraced reforms but chief says staffing shortage poses hurdle

One day ahead of the Jan. 6 anniversary, Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger detailed in testimony before the Senate how his department has worked to prevent the communication pitfalls and internal deficiencies that failed to stop last year's violent attack. ... Read more»

Navajo Nation police chief stepping down next month

Frustration and pension among the reasons Navajo Nation Police Chief Phillip Francisco is leaving the position he’s held for five and half years to become chief of police for Bloomfield, New Mexico at the beginning of the new year.... Read more»

San Diego DA asked to prosecute shadow Border Patrol investigation unit

Advocates called on San Diego District Attorney Stephan to file charges against Border Patrol agents involved in the 2010 beating death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas based on evidence a shadow police unit within the federal agency impeded the investigation of his death. ... Read more»

States urged to repeal cops’ special legal protections

Civil rights advocates say they’ll step up their efforts at the state level as late last month, once-promising negotiations to strike a bipartisan deal on policing reform broke down on Capitol Hill, dashing hopes for the passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.... Read more»

Percentage of women in state policing has stalled since 2000

An analysis finds that nationally, just 7% of sworn state troopers are female - a tiny gain from 2000, when the average female makeup of state police troopers was 6% - and overall, women make up less than 13% of full-time police officers in the United States.... Read more»

Federal loophole thwarts state curbs on police seizures of property

Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia have taken steps to scale back their civil asset forfeiture laws since 2014, but civil asset forfeiture continues because legislators have failed to close a giant loophole: the federal equitable sharing program.... Read more»

Arizona's expanded Silver Alert system helps those with developmental disabilities

Silver Alerts allow DPS to reach more people via phone notifications, broadcast alerts on TV and radio, and highway signs.... Read more»

As cops testify on Capitol attacks, GOP lawmakers blast 'sham' inquiry

Police officers gave hours of emotional testimony Tuesday about being on the front lines at the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, while separate groups of GOP lawmakers attacked the hearings as a sham and defended the rioters as “political prisoners.” ... Read more»

New wave of anti-protest laws may infringe on religious freedoms for Indigenous people

Police crackdowns on protests, such as the arrests for trespassing and other acts of civil disobedience against construction of crude oil pipelines slated to be built across traditional Native American homeland, have the potential to infringe on the religious freedom of Indigenous people. ... Read more»

Arizona budget bill provision would allow DPS to block release of all video records

Tucked into a budget bill on criminal justice is a provision that would allow the Arizona Department of Public Safety to outright deny releasing any video records the agency possesses and to heavily edit any videos it chooses to make public.... Read more»

Justices rule tribal police can search non-Natives on reservation roads

The U.S. Supreme Court was unanimous in holding that tribal officers can temporarily detain and search non-Natives traveling on public roads running through a reservation if there is reasonable suspicion a state or federal crime has been committed.... Read more»

When typical middle school antics mean suspensions, handcuffs or jail

Most American children who age into the criminal justice system do so in middle school — every state allows for the prosecution of children as young as 12, though most set the threshold earlier, or not at all — and suspension from school is predictive of incarceration later in life. ... Read more»

Arizona police got more than $6 million in military gear in the past year

Over the past year and into 2021, Police agencies in Arizona have received $6.8 million in military equipment through the Law Enforcement Support Office of the Department of Defense. ... Read more»

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