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Arizona GOP proposal would criminalize 'intimidating' police, first responders

A bill introduced before the Arizona Senate wants to make it a felony to intimate police, firefighters or other first responders because they are members of the law enforcement community, which critics say is an attempt to criminalize protests against police violence like those seen across Arizona last summer.... Read more»

‘If the police aren’t needed, let’s leave them out completely’

Well before protesters recently flooded the streets of America, demanding justice for the death of George Floyd and calling to defund or abolish police departments, several cities across the country had begun shifting resources and responsibilities away from law enforcement to professionals trained to handle emergency calls for nonviolent, crisis situations. ... Read more»

Arizona House Dems united behind policing reform bill

All five Democratic members of Arizona's delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives have thrown their support behind legislation aimed at reforming law enforcement in the wake of a Minneapolis police officer's killing of an unarmed Black man and the nationwide protests it triggered.... Read more»

Will Mexico finally get tough on vigilantes?

In Mexico City, five police officers have been arrested for their alleged ties to a video that appears to show abuse of a suspect in custody. ... Read more»