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Combination of agricultural chemicals kills more bees than previously thought

The combined effects of multiple agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, are having a greater impact on bee mortality than previously believed, and the underestimations mean that bees are not protected by current regulatory processes, researchers warn.... Read more»

Tucson receives $2.4M grant to get the lead out

A grant from the the Department of Housing and Urban Development hopes to help Tucson's low-income families eliminate lead hazards in their homes over the next three years. ... Read more»

Broadway In Tucson

'Rock of Ages': Righteously bodacious

The musical features songs by Journey, Styx, Starship, Poison and Foreigner, stitched together by themes of love lost, following one’s dreams and youthful rebellion.... Read more»

Budget cuts bitter pill for UA poison center

Tucson's poison control center may be due for painful cuts if a new federal budget is passed. The plan working its way through Congress includes a 93 percent cut to funding for poison control centers nationwide. ... Read more»

Lead poisoning in Nigeria 'unprecedented'

Lead poisoning usually causes life-long debilitating illness, not immediate death. Yet in the state of Zamfara, a poor, arid region in northern Nigeria, lead poisoning has killed more than 400 children in the past six months.... Read more»