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The coming battles over the defense budget

The battle lines for the most contentious defense budget process in decades are already being drawn. The first shots have been fired, with various deficit commissions issuing proposals for significant cuts in spending. Watch for parochial political interests and partisan preferences to play their part.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Why the GOP Pledge to America bombed

Smart v. Stupid: In many ways, the Pledge to America is a written version of what we’ve already heard. Republicans promise to stop healthcare, stop regulation of business, stop collecting taxes, stop old people from retiring, and stop any attempt to stop favoring the rich.... Read more»1

Factcheck: 'Pledge to America' asserts dubious claims

The Republican "Pledge to America," released Sept. 23, contains dubious factual claims about the economy, unemployment, taxes and the stimulus bill. Get the facts in this analysis.... Read more»