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Countries set two-year deadline for international treaty on plastic pollution 'epidemic'

Representatives of 175 countries have agreed to work together to produce a global treaty to restrict plastics, as emissions from fossil-based plastics surpass air travel and the world’s waterways become inundated with plastic waste.... Read more»

Safety limits for human-caused pollution now exceeded

For the first time, researchers have announced the limits that synthetic pollutants can be safely forced into the environment by human hands — and that we’ve already broken through them. ... Read more»

Kroger to phase out plastic bags at all its grocery stores by 2025

Kroger, owner of Fry’s Foods in Arizona, will phase out plastic bags by 2025, becoming the latest company to respond to the backlash against single-use plastics.... Read more»1

Tucson recycling program accepting more plastics

A new recycling facility expected to open in July means the City of Tucson is accepting more types of plastics in curbside blue barrels. While the processing center isn't functioning yet, city officials are encouraging residents to begin putting nearly all plastics out for recycling.... Read more»

Grand Canyon bans sales of bottled water

Concerned about the volume of plastic bottles in recycling bins and trash cans, not to mention discarded along roads and trails, the National Park Service is banning bottled water sales at the Grand Canyon as of March 10.... Read more»


'Not in my kitchen' is easier said than done

The controversial chemical bisphenol A was not on my radar screen back in 2008, when I ordered an electric food steamer online. Not so fun were the stories I started reading soon after, questioning the safety of polycarbonate in food applications, because that plastic contains BPA.... Read more»