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COVID infections 'plateauing' in Pima County, but cases still 'high' in Maricopa & Pinal for July 4

Pima County residents should stay safe and wear masks indoors in public for the July 4 weekend, the Health Department warned, as COVID cases and hospitalizations remain "high" in Maricopa and Pinal counties and "medium" closer to Tucson.... Read more»

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GOP Senate candidate shoots pistol at Biden, Pelosi & Mark Kelly in campaign ad

Behind in polls in the Republican Senate primary in Arizona, candidate Jim Lamon is seeking attention with a Western-themed campaign ad in which he is depicted firing a gun at U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden. ... Read more»2

New irrigation technology could save water for Arizona farms

The Central Arizona Project, which delivers Colorado River water to more than 80% of Arizona’s growing population, is taking a three-pronged approach to the megadrought that has resulted in the first water cutbacks to Arizona farmers. ... Read more»

Democrats notch big wins in Arizona redistricting as final maps take shape

Democrats got a pair of big wins Friday in determining the direction of the state’s next legislative and congressional districts when the chairwoman of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission voted to adopt their maps.... Read more»1

Court: Higher water charge for Maricopa public housing not discriminatory

A federal appeals court said Friday that the Maricopa Domestic Water Improvement District can charge more in upfront fees to public housing residents, even though the policy disproportionately affects minority customers and single mothers. ... Read more»

Democratic State Rep. Fernandez resigns to take USDA post

Democratic State Representative Charlene Fernandez is resigning to take a position with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, ending seven years as a representative for Yuma and parts of Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties. ... Read more»

Pinal among Arizona counties grappling with equitable distribution of COVID vaccines

Some Arizona counties continue to grapple with administering COVID-19 vaccines equitably, even as cases spiked across the state in recent months and vaccination rates still lag in rural communities and among some people of color. ... Read more»

Fifth-generation Pinal County farmer struggles to grow crops with less water

Obtaining water has been a constant source of worry for farmers in Pinal County, and with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced a Tier 1 shortage on the Colorado River in August, farmers will receive one-third of the water supply that would normally be available.... Read more»

Drought-stricken western towns say no to developers

The nation’s five fastest-growing states are all in the Southwest or Mountain West, and communities are facing difficult questions about water scarcity and what it means for future growth— because climate change is expected to make such droughts more frequent and intense.... Read more»

In first moves to draw political maps, Arizona redistricting panel eyes major changes

On their long-awaited first day of mapmaking, the five members of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission proposed a raft of changes that would be dramatic departures from the current congressional and legislative districts.... Read more»

Arizona scientists work to unravel fungus ecology as Valley fever expands throughout West

Scientists are working to understand Valley fever - a deadly fungus with spores about 20 times smaller than the width of a human hair - that can bring on coughing, fever, night sweats and joint pain, and in more severe cases, spread beyond the lungs to the skin, brain and other organs.... Read more»

Longtime Az lawmaker Frank Pratt dead at 79; Ducey orders flags to half-staff

Frank Pratt, a Republican state representative from Casa Grande, died Tuesday. He was 79 years old. Gov. Doug Ducey ordered that flags be flown at half-staff across Arizona on Wednesday in his honor.... Read more»

Heavy growth in Republican areas could aid GOP in Arizona redistricting

Arizona's population growth over the past decade was largely in Maricopa County and was especially concentrated in predominantly Republican suburban areas, a trend that could favor Republicans as the state prepares to redraw its legislative and congressional districts.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Cunningham: Tier 1 water shortage for CAP means Tucson needs to prepare

For years, the alarm has been sounding about water levels in Lake Mead. Well, the water level is now low enough to trigger a Tier 1 shortage. Tucson has developed a great conservation ethic. Still, we need to get ready for some tough times to come and there is more that needs to be done. — City Councilman Paul Cunningham... Read more»

Colorado River shortage to hit Central Arizona farmers hardest

Seven states from Utah to California share the Colorado River’s roughly 15 million acre-feet of water annually, but in the 100 years since the states agreed how to share the water, it has become clear that the river is over-allocated. ... Read more»

Colorado River shortage expected to hit Arizona farms first

With Arizona farmers expecting to take hit next year on their allocation of Colorado River water, water planners, managers, and researchers statewide are keeping a close eye on models that show the shortage could hit cities and towns in the next few years.... Read more»

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