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Care & comfort: From horses to micro-mini cows, animals can help with human ailments

Animal-assisted therapy is a growing form of therapy that can help people of all ages both mentally and physically by relying on the bond between animals and humans, and can help a variety of conditions, from Alzheimer’s to PTSD to learning disorders.... Read more»

Arizonans find resources for positive change amid COVID-19 pandemic

Challenges with social isolation, job insecurity and unique stresses due to the pandemic have left many struggling, but relief has come in a variety of forms, ranging from physical training to spiritual guidance to personal development.... Read more»

Law clears way for regulation of dry needling in physical therapy

A new law clears the way for dry needling, the use of thin needles to stimulate muscles, to be regulated as part of accepted physical therapy practice. The battle over the legislation pitted physical therapists against acupuncturists who said more training is needed to use needles. ... Read more»