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Census: 55,000 Arizonans lost health insurance coverage last year

A high immigrant population and Trump Administration efforts to dismantle Obamacare get the blame for the apparent drop in coverage.... Read more»

Dental woes sending more Arizonans to ERs

Between 2006 and 2009 preventable dental-related ER visits rose 61 percent in Arizona, compared to a 16 percent national increase during the same period, a study found.... Read more»1


Heading for a stock market downturn

The dark side of the global economy - here's why the math is ugly.... Read more»

Togo's voodoo fetish markets do brisk trade

Roman Catholic priest Michel Badagbor can only wonder just how many of his parishoners visit the fetish market, where remedies to block evil spells and "juju" can be bought to ensure prosperity.... Read more»

Child health

Az lags in dental health policies for kids

Arizona meets only half of eight goals designed to ensure children get proper dental care.... Read more»