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Researchers at Petrified Forest discover fossil of a reptile with claws and a beak

A team of researchers at Petrified Forest National Park discovered fossilized remains of a new species of prehistoric reptile. The 220-million-year old burrowing species, named Skybalonyx skapteris, is a drepanosaur, an ancient reptile that had a claw on its tail and a birdlike beak.... Read more»

Enviros sue to stop fracking near Petrified Forest National Park

Three environmental groups sued the Bureau of Land Management Monday to prevent fracking for natural gas and oil in more than 4,000 acres of public land near a national forest in Arizona and the state’s most important aquifer.... Read more»

How Arizona's national parks survived the longest gov't shutdown in U.S. history

With the help of volunteers and people coming together for a common purpose, two of Arizona's three national parks weathered the 35-day partial federal closure mostly none the worse for wear.... Read more»

Gov't shutdown could cost Az millions as national parks close

Arizona’s tourism industry stands to lose millions of dollars per day if national parks close as part of a possible federal government shutdown next week.... Read more»

Az’s National Park sites had fewer visitors in 2012

While the National Park Service saw a slight increase in visitors across the country in 2012, its sites in Arizona recorded a third straight year of overall decline.... Read more»

Park struggles to curb petrified wood theft

Fighting theft at Petrified Forest National Park comes down to park employees manning entry and exit stations, rangers patrolling the grounds and volunteers tasked with persuading visitors to think twice before grabbing illegal mementos.... Read more»

Petrified Forest official uneasy about mines planned nearby

The head of the Petrified Forest National Parks is quick to explain that the vistas stretching toward the Painted Desert hold hundreds of million years of history, from fossils of dinosaur ancestors to ancient dwellings. These days, however, his focus is increasingly on what’s beneath the wind-swept terrain.... Read more»