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Kanye West's 'independent' bid dropped from Az ballot: Rapper is registered Republican

Rapper Kanye West will be barred from appearing as an independent presidential candidate on Arizona ballots because he’s a registered Republican in Wyoming, a judge ruled Thursday.... Read more»3

Kanye West submits signatures to qualify for Arizona's presidential ballot

Rapper Kanye West filed nearly 58,000 signatures to get his name on Arizona's ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. president. The Secretary of State's Office will review his petitions to see if he has at least the 39,039 valid signatures required to be listed.... Read more»

Kanye West collecting sigs to get on Az presidential ballot, with GOP help

Rap superstar Kanye West is collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot in Arizona as a candidate for president, a campaign that appears to be receiving help from Republicans in the hopes that he’ll siphon votes from Democratic nominee Joe Biden.... Read more»

Ballot initiatives scale up for post-lockdown push to gather signatures

Since ending a brief hiatus caused by the coronavirus outbreak, campaigns for three ballot initiatives have ramped up their hiring of petition circulators over the past several weeks in preparation for their final drive for the November ballot.... Read more»

Inability to collect signatures online hampers county, local candidates

A confluence of circumstances is making it extremely difficult for many candidates to collect the signatures they need in order to get their names on the ballot amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and those running for county, municipal and other local offices, there’s an additional obstacle in the way – the inability to collect signatures online.... Read more»