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Pima County’s COVID-19 test-to-treat program extended into August

Pima County’s free test-to-treat program for COVID-19 patients has been extended through August 24, after the federally supported Paxlovid program was set to end.... Read more»

President Biden tests positive for COVID-19

President Joe Biden - who is fully vaccinated and has received two booster doses - tested positive Thursday for COVID-19, and is experiencing “very mild symptoms” while being treated with Paxlovid, an antiviral medication approved to treat the coronavirus.... Read more»

More shots, more funding: Biden back to basics as COVID-19 cases rise

The White House held its first COVID-19 task force briefing in six weeks on Wednesday, as the country grapples with the possibility that surging case counts and hospitalizations across the country will flow through the summer. ... Read more»

Drug that treats COVID with nearly 90% efficacy gets FDA green light

The first pill to treat COVID-19 received approval from U.S. regulators on Wednesday, giving way to a new pandemic therapy in treating patients who are at high risk of being hospitalized or dying that can be deployed to adults and children ages 12 and older. ... Read more»

Expert panel recommends Merck COVID treatment drug to FDA in close vote

An expert panel voted 13-10 Tuesday recommending the U.S. Food and Drug Administration grant emergency use authorization to a new drug developed by Merck to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in unvaccinated patients. ... Read more»

Success of COVID antiviral pills hinges on access to speedy and accurate tests

The U.S. could soon have access to a new antiviral pill expected to alter the deadly trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic - but experts say the success of the treatments would hinge on whether high-risk infected patients will be able to get tested fast enough to make a difference.... Read more»