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Complaints about White House handling of COVID-19 aired at U.S. Senate hearing

Senators from both political parties expressed their frustration with the Biden administration coronavirus response team during a Tuesday hearing that keyed in on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance on vaccines, as well as the shortage of COVID-19 tests.... Read more»

Senate Democrats propose hazard pay for essential workers

Senate Democrats rolled out a new plan Tuesday to hike up pay for health care workers and other essential employees on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak. ... Read more»

Democratic senators ask: What's up with OSHA?

In the four months since President Trump took office, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued four news releases announcing penalties for job safety violations. By the end of May last year, it had issued 199.... Read more»

Super Congress chairmen hold 'career patrons'

The Super Congress opens for business Thursday with a mandate to identify $1.5 trillion in spending cuts before Thanksgiving. The process is fraught with politics, because every committee member is the creature of the wider political interests that have shaped them with advice—and campaign contributions. ... Read more»

GOP pushes health law investigation; Dems consider revisions

GOP lawmakers are considering using their new posts in powerful House committees to "go after President Obama's health care overhaul, and they're focusing on questions uppermost in the minds of consumers: What's it going to cost? Can I keep the coverage I have if I like it?" ... Read more»

FactCheck.org: Anti-health care efforts continue misleading claims

As the election draws near, some conservative groups are making ever-wilder claims about the new health care law.... Read more»