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Senate passes short-term funding bill, skirts government shutdown

Less than 36 hours out from a government shutdown deadline, the Senate passed short-term legislation Thursday night to keep the lights on and the federal government running through March 11 at levels agreed to by the previous Congress. ... Read more»

Congress passes bill to prevent government shutdown, send out $28.6B in disaster aid

Congress made a last-minute dash to avert a government shutdown on Thursday, with members on both side of the aisle in the U.S. Senate and House approving a short-term spending bill just hours ahead of a midnight deadline. ... Read more»

Taking on white nationalism, feds say big threats need big spending

White nationalism appeared to dominate Capitol Hill on Wednesday as senators focused on the Justice Department’s budget while House lawmakers held their latest hearing on January’s storming of the U.S. Capitol. ... Read more»

McSally heaps praise on Barrett on eve of first confirmation vote

Arizona Sen. Martha McSally left little doubt how she plans to vote on Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination, calling Barrett “a gift to America” during a brief meeting Wednesday.... Read more»

Democratic senators demand answers on Trump’s secretive border expulsions

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee ask the Department of Homeland Security to explain why it thinks emergency powers granted to the CDC allow it to bypass existing asylum laws.... Read more»

Sweeping coronavirus-relief bill passes House

Quibbling over legislative language in an emergency relief package for Americans impacted by the coronavirus came to an end in the House of Representatives on Monday night, putting finalization of the multibillion-dollar aid deal squarely in the Senate’s court.... Read more»

Flake joins group pushing to end travel restrictions to Cuba

A bipartisan group of senators, including Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, moved to expand on the president’s overtures toward Cuba, introducing a bill Thursday to lift the ban on American travel to the communist country. ... Read more»1

What the proposed NSA reforms wouldn't do

All the NSA reform plans purport to end the bulk phone records collection program, but there are big differences. ... Read more»

Voting Rights Act changes would free Arizona from federal ‘pre-clearance’

The rewrite of the Voting Rights Act currently being debated in Congress would free Arizona from nearly 50 years of strict federal oversight to changes in its voting laws. While Arizona and other states will be out from under the federal microscope for now, the proposed change to the law would let them be drawn back in.... Read more»

Flake joins congressional delegation to Cuba, agenda under wraps

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, long a proponent of less-restrictive relations with Cuba, is visiting the communist nation this week as part of a seven-member congressional delegation.... Read more»

Can you fight poverty with a five-star hotel?

Why did the IFC give a Saudi prince’s company an attractively priced $26 million loan to help build the Mövenpick, a hotel the prince was fully capable of financing himself? The answer is that the IFC’s portfolio of billions of dollars in loans and investments is not in fact primarily targeted at helping the impoverished. At least as important is the goal of making a profit for the World Bank.... Read more»

Guest opinion: Sunshine Week

Balancing security and open government in the cyber age

Sen. Patrick Leahy: The Freedom of Information Act has been a bulwark of our open society since it was signed into law 45 years ago. Today, amid debates in Congress about how best to improve the nation’s security in cyberspace, we must remember we have a compelling duty to safeguard the public’s “right to know” about threats to their health and safety.... Read more»

PIPA vote postponed

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid postponed a procedural vote that would decide the fate of the Protect Intellectual Property Act or PIPA.... Read more»1