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Arizona mayors call for ‘continued and increased’ housing, transit funds

Government officials testified before the Senate committee on infrastructure needs, calling for “continued and increased” federal funding for affordable housing and public transit as Congress and the White House are wrangling over the Biden administration’s $2 trillion spending plan.... Read more»

CDC: You can ditch the mask in most places, indoors and out, if fully vaccinated

Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 do not need to wear a mask in most situations, indoors and outdoors, federal health officials said in an updated set of recommendations Thursday that marks a major turning point in the pandemic.... Read more»

‘Once in a generation investment’: Biden unveils $2T infrastructure package; would create millions of jobs

Unveiling what he called the boldest spending package since the construction of America’s interstate system and the space race, President Biden released broad details of a $2 trillion infrastructure package that would rebuild highways and bridges, along with funding programs for housing, broadband and schools and increasing U.S. manufacturing jobs.... Read more»

Federal COVID aid package could block Ducey’s tax cuts for Arizona

President Biden’s massive pandemic stimulus law pumps a welcome infusion of federal aid into state and local government coffers — but one brief section is raising questions about whether states are barred from cutting their own taxes if they accept the federal help.... Read more»

GOP opposition to state and local aid remains as Senate heads toward vote on COVID bill

As Democrats seek to send President Joe Biden their latest $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill, federal lawmakers remain deeply divided on the question of whether state and local governments need another infusion of federal aid. Supporters of the bill — including numerous Republican mayors — say the answer is a clear “yes.” ... Read more»

‘Nonpartisan’ gun rights group boosted by Dem-aligned America Votes

Amid Capitol Hill’s gun control debates last year, the Denver-based Bull Moose Sportsmen ranked among the few advocacy groups to chart a centrist course when working with lawmakers and the White House to craft firearm laws. Its funding, however, is anything but middle of the road.... Read more»

The coming battles over the defense budget

The battle lines for the most contentious defense budget process in decades are already being drawn. The first shots have been fired, with various deficit commissions issuing proposals for significant cuts in spending. Watch for parochial political interests and partisan preferences to play their part.... Read more»