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No climate deal for Biden as he joins global allies at critical UN conference

President Joe Biden will arrive at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, without new federal programs in hand to fight climate change, after Democrats in Congress failed to reach an agreement to pass his revised $1.75 trillion spending plan.... Read more»


4 key issues to watch as world leaders prepare for the Glasgow climate summit

As negotiations get underway at the United Nations’ climate conference, COP26, where world leaders will be discussing how their countries will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change, here’s what to watch for.... Read more»

What’s the word? Climate lingo demystified

The climate crisis is taking center stage, with deadly hurricanes, torrential rains, and wildfires, but it can be hard to grasp the jargon that accompanies a warming world, so WhoWhatWhy has collected and clarified 14 of the terms you’re likely to see in coming months. ... Read more»

The water cycle is intensifying as the climate warms – that means more intense storms and flooding

A recent report documents an increase in both wet and dry extremes over most regions around the globe, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that the water cycle has been intensifying and will continue to intensify as the planet warms. ... Read more»