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New Arizona program hires parents to care for their medically fragile children

Amid a nursing shortage, Arizona became the third state in the nation to allow people to be trained and hired by home health agencies as licensed health aides to care for family members under 21 who qualify for long-term, around-the-clock care. ... Read more»

Ducey will decide fate of GOP bill to make it easier for Arizona parents to sue teachers

A bill to allow parents to sue Arizona teachers for "usurping the fundamental right" of a parent in raising their children won approval is now one signature from becoming law.... Read more»

Bill allowing teachers to be sued for 'usurping' parental rights clears Arizona Senate

A bill to allow parents to sue Arizona teachers for “usurping the fundamental right” of a parent in raising their children won approval from state Senate Republicans on Monday and is one vote away from Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk. ... Read more»

Hobbs: Arizona parents should be 'partners' in the education system, not adversaries

Katie Hobbs, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in next year’s gubernatorial race, avoided a mistake that contributed to her party’s upset loss in Virginia this week, saying that Arizona parents should have a great deal of input into what their children learn in school.... Read more»

“Este es el último pañal que me queda”: la ansiedad de ser padres en la pobreza

Ningún programa federal ayuda a los padres a pagar por los pañales para mantener a los bebés y niños pequeños limpios, secos y saludables, y para muchos padres, eso lleva a opciones desgarradoras: ¿pañales, comida o alquiler?... Read more»


Despite reform attempts, school suspensions impacting Black families

Though much of the research about school suspensions focuses on how suspensions harm students, Black parents say the petty reasons their children are being suspended for force them to take off from work - and sometimes lose their jobs.... Read more»

52% of young adults now live at home – the highest rate in 80 years

More than half of young adults 18 to 29 now live at home – the highest rate since the end of the Great Depression 80 years ago – and researchers say many were motivated by the pandemic.... Read more»

Coronavirus could doom our already fragile public school system

Parents, students and teachers are all looking for answers. Right now, there are none. The pandemic appears to be intensifying the longstanding threat to the future of universal public education.... Read more»

Lacking guidance, Az schools offer range of 'pandemic schooling' plans

When Gov. Doug Ducey and Arizona Schools Superintendent Kathy Hoffman ordered state schools to open for some type of in-person instruction on Aug. 17, they gave school administrators the flexibility to design a plan that best suits their districts. What they didn’t give them were directions.... Read more»

Districts, parents still unsure how to safely open Arizona schools

Guidelines for how Arizona school districts can safely reopen for the fall have been released, but at least some parents – and teachers – are questioning how safe it will be. Administrators also wonder how to pay for implementing the changes.... Read more»

Ready or not, a new era of homeschooling has begun

Like it or not, we are suddenly a nation of home schoolers, with little preparation. The rapidly spreading coronavirus is instantly changing the way education is delivered, as school and home become the same place. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Education: What real 'parent empowerment' looks like

Imagine if your child's assigned elementary school had puddles of urine in the bathroom, mouse droppings in the cafeteria, and clogged water fountains. Now imagine if your complaints were rejected by the principal.... Read more»