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Arizona House approves 15-week abortion ban, Gov. Ducey will have final say

A ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy - with the only exception for medical emergencies in which the mother is at risk of death or severe bodily harm - was approved by a Republican majority in the Arizona House, and is on its way to Gov. Ducey’s desk. ... Read more»

Legisladores de Arizona consideran expandir cobertura Medicaid para la atención posparto

Los defensores están presionando a los legisladores de Arizona para que amplíen la cobertura de Medicaid para las mujeres después de dar a luz, para ayudar a mejorar los resultados de salud materna y combatir el aumento de las muertes relacionadas con el embarazo.... Read more»

Arizona lawmakers consider Medicaid expansion for postpartum care

Advocates are pushing Arizona lawmakers to expand Medicaid coverage for women after they give birth, to help improve maternal health outcomes and combat rising pregnancy-related deaths. ... Read more»

Az House wants to limit emergency powers, as COVID declaration continues

Arizona House Republicans approved severe limits on states of emergency - a clear move against proclamations made during the pandemic, such as the ones which which allowed Gov. Doug Ducey to mobilize efforts to support vaccination and monitoring of the virus and receive funds.... Read more»

Az House committee OKs bill letting businesses ignore mask mandates

The House Commerce Committee gave preliminary approval to House Bill 2770 which would bar the state, counties and cities from forcing businesses to enforce mask mandates on their premises. ... Read more»

Arizona becomes first state to recognize all out-of-state occupational licenses

Gov. Doug Ducey on Wednesday signed a bill into law that makes Arizona the first state to grant across-the-board recognition of out-of-state occupational licenses. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

What revolution? Primary is good news for Bronson

Staunch conservatives taking control of the liberal Pima County government looked doable. Then votes got counted Tuesday. The big winner of the primary election would seem to be (right now ... hedge, hedge) Sharon Bronson. If the Tea Party/Trump revolution is coming, it may be bypassing us.... Read more»1

Matt Kopec appointed to replace Steele in LD9

A Tucson City Council aide and Democratic activist was appointed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday to replace Victoria Steele in the state Legislature. Matt Kopec, who became the youngest member of the Legislature, was sent to Phoenix to represent LD9 on a 4-1 vote.... Read more»

3 Dems nominated to replace Steele in LD9

Local Democrats have picked three party regulars from which the Board of Supervisors will appoint a state legislator next week: Pamela Powers Hannley, Matt Kopec, and Ted Prezelski.... Read more»

Victoria Steele resigns to focus on Congress run

State lawmaker Victoria Steele submitted her resignation Monday, the opening day of the legislative session, to focus on a run to be the Democratic candidate to challenge U.S. Rep. Martha McSally. Steele, first elected in 2012, is vying with former lawmaker Matt Heinz for the party's nod.... Read more»