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Arizona donors double down after Jan. 6 panel questions Trump election fund

Scottsdale led all Arizona cities for donations to Trump-affiliated fundraising committees - with donors from Phoenix and Tucson close behind - as retirees were by far the biggest group of Arizona donors, accounting for 56% of contributions from the state to the Save America PAC.... Read more»

Kyrsten Sinema has taken $2.5 million from corporate PACs since 2021

At the same time that Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was standing in opposition to raising taxes on corporations, corporate PACs have given Sinema more than $2.5 million since 2021, more than one out of every three dollars she’s raised. ... Read more»

Sinema's campaign a favorite for big pharma donations

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema formed a congressional caucus to raise “awareness of the benefits of personalized medicine” in February. Soon after that, employees of pharmaceutical companies donated $35,000 to her campaign committee.... Read more»

Could Scott Walker's legal victory expand PAC superpowers?

Proponents of tighter reins on political money worry that a Wisconsin ruling about the governor's recall campaign could carry seeds of another 'Citizens United.'... Read more»

Familiarity breeds receipts: Arizonans more often give to pols than PACs

When Arizonans open their wallets to make a political donation, it’s more likely to go to someone they know than to a party or PAC, an analysis of federal campaign data shows.... Read more»

Charitable 'matches' used to entice PAC giving

Federal law prohibits companies from donating directly to political candidates, which is why individual employees must voluntarily fund corporate-sponsored political action committees — and their bosses can't force them to donate. Yet one enticement companies are using to attract PAC support is a program that will "match" employees’ donations with contributions to charities of their choosing.... Read more»

Broadcasters fight online disclosure of political ad buys

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote April 27 on whether to require TV stations to post online public information about political ad buys.... Read more»

Overturning Citizens United isn't enough, expert says

In contrast with many other campaign finance reformers, Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig believes fixing the U.S. election system will require more than just overturning the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission Supreme Court ruling.... Read more»

CPAC panel: ‘Celebrate’ Citizens United ruling

Anonymous political speech. Foreign money in U.S. elections. The proliferation of super PACs. How grave a threat do any of things pose to American democracy? Not much, according to a panel of conservative attorneys, who gathered Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.... Read more»

Media execs, firms giving to conservative super PACs

News companies and their executives donated more than $350,000 to conservative super PACs in 2011, according to financial disclosure forms filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission.... Read more»

Bill would require shadowy political groups to list donors

Backed by Arizona’s secretary of state and attorney general, a lawmaker is pushing to require corporations established to influence elections to disclose the source of the money.... Read more»

Super Congress chairmen hold 'career patrons'

The Super Congress opens for business Thursday with a mandate to identify $1.5 trillion in spending cuts before Thanksgiving. The process is fraught with politics, because every committee member is the creature of the wider political interests that have shaped them with advice—and campaign contributions. ... Read more»


Mortgage servicers spend millions on political contributions

As the financial markets roil, one of the critical factors weighing down the U.S. economy is the flood of home foreclosures. Thursday's crash underscores how difficult it will be for the economy to make significant strides while the housing market is still in tatters. ... Read more»


A guide to the new world of campaign finance

This political season promises more than just record spending—more money will be flowing from more players with more opportunities to hide the source. What you need to know about Super-PACs and 'dark money'... Read more»