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DHS secretary ends 'Remain in Mexico' border policy

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas announced the end of the Trump-era "Migrant Protection Protocols," which forced thousands of asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims wind through the immigration court system. ... Read more»

3 years after 'metering' instituted by Trump, 3,800 asylum-seekers still wait along Arizona border

Three years after the Trump administration placed an ad-hoc block to keep asylum-seekers from crossing the border to legally make their cases, nearly 3,800 people remain in legal limbo in three cities along the Arizona-Mexico border.... Read more»

Biden ends 2 Trump programs designed to limit asylum-seekers

President Biden has ended a pair of Trump-era programs that forced asylum-seekers to remain in custody while awaiting a hearing. Advocates had pushed to halt the PACR and HARP programs, calling them among Trump's "most horrific attacks on America’s long tradition of asylum." ... Read more»