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Race is often used as medical shorthand for how bodies work. Some doctors want to change that.

Using race as a medical shorthand is at best imprecise and at worst harmful, and a conversation is unfolding nationally among lawmakers, scientists, and doctors who say one of the best things patients can do is ask if and how race is factored into their care.... Read more»

Se insta a las personas de color a registrarse para la donación de órganos

Los defensores están alentando a las personas de color a que se conviertan en donantes de órganos; aunque los órganos no son compatibles según la raza o el origen étnico, los antecedentes raciales o étnicos similares pueden contribuir a una mejor compatibilidad.... Read more»

Gift of life: People of color urged to register for organ donation

At the national and local level, advocates are doing more to encourage people of color to become organ donors - while organs are not matched according to race or ethnicity, racial or ethnic background may make for a better match, particularly in the case of certain immune markers. ... Read more»

Immunosuppressed people grapple with returning to work

Research showing how well vaccines protect those with weakened immune systems is limited. In part that’s because immunosuppressed people, who make up at least 3% of the U.S. population and include people with cancer, HIV and many chronic health conditions, were not included in the original clinical trials for the three COVID vaccines authorized for emergency use.... Read more»

COVID spawns 'completely new category' of organ transplants

COVID-related transplants are surging as hospitals grapple with a growing subset of patients whose organs — most often hearts and lungs — are “basically destroyed by the virus,” said Dr. Jonathan Orens, a lung transplant expert at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. ... Read more»

Long waits for kidneys despite record number of registered organ donors

As of last month, 2,011 Arizonans were on the waiting list for kidneys, which are by far the organ in greatest demand, according to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.... Read more»1

HIV-infected organs given to patients at Taiwan hospital

A hospital in Taiwan mistakenly transplanted HIV-infected organs into five patients, the Associated Press reports. The organs all came from one patient who died last week.... Read more»