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Bear moved from Oracle as dry start to summer affects wildlife across Southern Az

A black bear was relocated from the town of Oracle on Friday, after the animal had been spotted around the community since late May. Reports of bears and mountain lions have increased this summer, officials said.... Read more»

Smoke over Catalinas from controlled burn 25 miles away in Graham County

A prescribed burn in the Southwest portion of the Galiuro Mountains sent a plume of smoke over the Catalina Mountains that was visible from Tucson on Tuesday. Burns in the area are expected to continue until the end of the month. ... Read more»

Photos: Bighorn Fire grows to more than 37,000 acres

Photos showing the spread of the Bighorn Fire burning north of Tucson on Thursday night, as the fire continued to spread across the Catalina Mountains. ... Read more»

Comic: Bermudez Shorts

Kwasman sees children

Adam Kwasman, Republican primary candidate for Congress, showed up in Oracle last week. Hearing that there was a bus full of undocumented children POSSIBLY headed his way, he decided he would protest that bus.... Read more»


Babeu raises his profile

Sheriff Paul Babeu decided he needed to call attention to himself — again — by ginning up a protest of the arrival of undocumented immigrants in Oracle.... Read more»


The Midnight Ride of Paul Babeu

When Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu tipped anti-immigrant protesters to the arrival of undocumented minors to a shelter in Oracle, hilarity ensued.... Read more»

Feds delay busing migrant kids to Oracle; rival groups demonstrate

Passions ran hot among two groups demonstrating near a new shelter for undocumented children in this small Arizona town, with both gearing up to display their fervor as the first buses of migrant kids were expected to arrive. Around noon, officials said that the children would not be driven to the shelter Tuesday.... Read more»3

Babeu tip prompts some to plan blockade of Oracle migrant kids' shelter

Some residents of Oracle are planning a blockade of a new shelter for unaccompanied undocumented children, called after Sheriff Babeu told organizers about the facility. Babeu raised questions about the children's possible affiliation with the notorious MS-13 gang, and the chance they might spread disease.... Read more»5

Justice Alito's reported wealth soars in 2012

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito may have more than quintupled his net worth in 2012 according to a financial disclosure statement released Wednesday.... Read more»

Locals work to reopen Oracle State Park - once a week

Arizona State Parks hasn’t received state funding since 2009, and only nine of the state’s 29 public parks have stayed consistently open throughout the budget crisis. Thanks to $21,000 raised by a local group, Oracle State Park is reopening to the public, if only on Saturdays.... Read more»

Nordstrom Rack planned for Tucson

Tucson will get its first Nordstrom Rack next year.... Read more»3