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New BIA website spotlights Missing and Murdered Indigenous people

The new Bureau of Indian Affairs website dedicated to solving missing and murdered cases in Indian Country provides attention to unresolved cases involving Indigenous people that the BIA, Office of Justice Services, and Missing and Murdered Unit is working on.... Read more»


Spotty data & media bias delay justice for missing & murdered Indigenous people

Though there are estimates, no one knows just how many Indigenous girls or women go missing each year, so how can Native communities convince the media to pay attention to missing Indigenous people - and how can they convince authorities to investigate these cases?... Read more»

New unit launched at Interior Dep't to investigate cases of missing and murdered Indigenous people

The U.S. Department of the Interior is creating a new unit to lead and help coordinate investigations into the ongoing crisis of murdered and missing American Indian and Alaska Native people. ... Read more»

Indian Congress president: Tribal sovereignty still threatened from ‘every corner’

Despite some “encouraging developments,” threats to tribal sovereignty still come “from every branch and every corner of federal and state governments,” the president of the National Congress of American Indians said Monday. ... Read more»