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Calculating the costs of the Afghanistan War in lives, dollars and years

The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in late 2001 to destroy al-Qaida, remove the Taliban from power and remake the nation. The 20 numbers highlighted below, some drawn from figures released on Sept. 1, 2021, by the Costs of War Project, help tell the story of the Afghanistan War.... Read more»

Afghanistan Newspeak: 10 ways the U.S. skews the narrative

As the clock ticks down to the promised withdrawal from Afghanistan, the U.S. military is trying to figure out how to market the idea that the international intervention has actually accomplished its core mission — bringing peace and stability to a nation that has known little of either for the past 35 years. The solution: a little Newspeak.... Read more»

Lost to history

Missing war records complicate vets' benefit claims

A failure to create and maintain the types of field records that have documented American conflicts since the Revolutionary War has complicated efforts by soldiers to claim benefits and makes it harder for military strategists to learn the lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan.... Read more»

Names of 6,800 fallen troops read in 13-hour ceremony

The names of the dead were read Friday in Tucson. For more than 13 hours, volunteers at Pima Community College read the names of U.S. service members who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.... Read more»1