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Ducey wants savings from K-12 enrollment decline to help students who have fallen behind in pandemic

Gov. Doug Ducey plans to use hundreds of millions of dollars that schools will lose from declining enrollment for programs to help students who have fallen behind during the COVID-19 pandemic, which left many schools relying on virtual learning instead of in-person education.... Read more»

Struggles of Cave Creek district are emblematic of Arizona schools during COVID-19

Teacher retention issues in Cave Creek are being repeated in schools across Arizona and the U.S. as administrators, staff members, teachers, parents and especially students grapple with how to best learn during a pandemic. ... Read more»

Ducey defends decision to toughen rules to return to virtual schooling

The Ducey administration defended its decision Thursday to make it harder for Arizona schools to revert to virtual education, from in-person or hybrid schooling, in the face of surging COVID-19 cases.... Read more»

Coronavirus could doom our already fragile public school system

Parents, students and teachers are all looking for answers. Right now, there are none. The pandemic appears to be intensifying the longstanding threat to the future of universal public education.... Read more»

Lacking guidance, Az schools offer range of 'pandemic schooling' plans

When Gov. Doug Ducey and Arizona Schools Superintendent Kathy Hoffman ordered state schools to open for some type of in-person instruction on Aug. 17, they gave school administrators the flexibility to design a plan that best suits their districts. What they didn’t give them were directions.... Read more»

Ducey orders K-12 schools to offer some in-person classes in Arizona

Public schools will be allowed to determine on their own when to start in-person instruction for the upcoming K-12 school year based on a set of benchmarks that will be established by state health officials instead of being tied to the Aug. 17 start date that Gov. Doug Ducey set last month. ... Read more»

Teachers, parents beg Ducey to delay opening schools and provide full funding

A group representing Arizonan educators, students and community allies delivered a letter to Gov. Ducey at the Capitol on Tuesday calling for funding online learning at all schools to give districts time to retrofit their campuses to be safe gathering venues. ... Read more»

Abrupt reversal of ICE rule lets int'l students in Az breathe easier

That ICE order that anyone here on a student visa would have to go home if their school was offering online instruction only this fall, announced just last week, was quickly challenged in court by 18 states and by universities across the country – including all three public universities in Arizona. ... Read more»

Arizona universities prepare for fall semester amid spike in infections

With the start of classes barely six weeks away, University of Arizona administrators still don’t know what the return to campus for fall semester will look like — or if it will happen at all.... Read more»

Start date, online learning issues a concern for K-12 schools

Even with the start of the new school year pushed back to mid-August, with the possibility that it could be delayed further, some education officials are skeptical that the COVID-19 crisis will have abated enough for students to safely return to campus and want Gov. Doug Ducey to allow for more online learning to start the academic year.... Read more»

Ducey, Hoffman pledge $270M to help schools reopen amid COVID-19

Gov. Doug Ducey and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman announced a $270 million plan to help K-12 schools open safely in the fall as they grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.... Read more»

Districts, parents still unsure how to safely open Arizona schools

Guidelines for how Arizona school districts can safely reopen for the fall have been released, but at least some parents – and teachers – are questioning how safe it will be. Administrators also wonder how to pay for implementing the changes.... Read more»

Tribal leaders, lawmakers chide FCC for lack of progress on broadband

Tribal representatives told a Senate committee Wednesday that the Federal Communications Commission is not doing enough to ease the regulatory burdens that keep Indian Country from getting wireless broadband access. ... Read more»

Lack of broadband puts tribal, rural areas 'in jeopardy,' lawmakers told

The Havasupai tribe is falling behind in education, health and emergency needs because, like many rural communities, it lacks affordable, reliable and high-speed broadband, a tribal councilwoman told a House committee Thursday.... Read more»


Lawmaker wants online courses evaluated

A state lawmaker wants to create an institute that would recommend whether online courses offered by private companies meet state standards before public schools decide whether to use them.... Read more»