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Climate model projections clearly show that warming beyond 1.5 C will dramatically increase the risk of extreme weather events.

The world could still, theoretically, meet its goal of keeping global warming under 1.5 degrees Celsius, a level many scientists consider a dangerous threshold - but realistically, that’s unlikely to happen, due to problems evident at COP27, the United Nations climate conference in Egypt. Read more»

The permitting bill was part of a deal Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made with Manchin to secure his support for Democrats’ major climate, health care and taxes bill, which provided $370 billion in clean energy spending.

Among the items on Congress’ lengthy to-do list by the end of the year is Sen. Joe Manchin’s proposal to speed up the federal government’s permitting process that certifies energy projects do not harm the environment - but the bill may still not have the support it needs to pass. Read more»

Donald Trump, who made excuses for MBS’s murdering and has hosted his golf tournaments while his son-in-law, Jared, has been gifted $2 billion from the crown prince, is more likely to see the inside of an American prison before the Saudi ever will. Read more»

It's not quite an issue for most Arizonans, but some folks around the country are hedging against further inflation by cutting back on cutting their lawns and bushes, and saving a few bucks on gas. Read more»

The rent may be too damn high all over, but many gas tanks are nearly running on empty as prices at the pump remain costly just about everywhere. Read more»

Despite higher prices for gasoline, air fares and just about everything else, experts said they expect more than 39 million Americans to travel this Memorial Day weekend, an 8.3% increase over last year that almost brings holiday travel back to pre-pandemic levels.

Higher prices for gas, airfares and just about everything else do not appear to be holding back travel this Memorial Day weekend, which is “falling back to pre-pandemic levels,” and is expected to increase by 8.3% nationwide from the last Memorial Day holiday. Read more»

The tanker Constitution Spirit heads towards Galveston Bay, outbound and empty after offloading another shipment of heavy crude oil from Mexico.

Mexico announced plans to end all oil exports by 2023, a bid by to make the country "self-sufficient" and better control the price of gasoline - but experts aren’t as positive that such self-sufficiency would be good for Mexico, and even doubt that such a goal is economically viable. Read more»

It is crystal clear that Congress needs to take action to address climate change, and that we have no time to waste. Read more»

If you’re looking to get richer while telling the tax man you’re getting poorer, it’s hard to beat real estate development. But the oil and gas industry provides stiff competition.

While some of the country’s absolute wealthiest people, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg, occasionally sidestep federal income tax entirely, a subset of the ultrarich does it year in and year out. Read more»

Oil from Amazon rainforest goes to California refineries, airlines, retailers, and fleets, a new study shows.

A new report has pinpointed California as the destination for half of the oil drilled in the environmentally fragile Amazon rainforest, just one day after a high court in Ecuador overruled a resource extraction project that violated the constitutional rights of nature. Read more»

An oil refinery in Big Spring, Texas.

President Joe Biden ordered the release of 50 million barrels of oil from America's emergency stockpile - the Strategic Petroleum Reserve - in response to soaring gas and energy prices, while his administration continues to grapple with historic rates of inflation. Read more»

Ruins of Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon.

President Joe Biden on Monday said the administration will move to prevent oil and gas development for two decades near Chaco Canyon, an area in northwestern New Mexico that’s culturally significant to the area’s Native American communities and important for biodiversity. Read more»

President Joe Biden arrives for the COP26 UN Climate Summit on Nov. 1, 2021 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. 2021 sees the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference. The conference will run from October 31 for two weeks, finishing on November 12.

President Biden, speaking at the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, urged the international community to transition to clean energy and curb greenhouse gas emissions, and also apologized for his predecessor exiting the Paris Climate Accord. Read more»

Nearly half of Americans still don’t think climate change is caused by human activities, but Democrats were far less likely than Republicans to hold those views, a new VICE News and Guardian poll has found. Read more»

Coming to U.S. waters? The Burbo Bank offshore wind farm from Crosby Beach in Merseyside, England. The figures in the foreground form part of Antony Gormley's sculpture 'Another Place'.

University of Massachusetts Boston scholar David W. Cash, who worked at senior levels in state government for a decade, describes how the Department of the Interior will implement the Biden administration's ambitious plans to scale up leasing for offshore wind energy projects. Read more»

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