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FactChecking Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax plan

In her campaign speeches, Sen. Elizabeth Warren likes to say, “I’ve got a plan for that.” She has lots of plans, but there is one on which many of the others hinge: her plan for an “Ultra-Millionaire Tax,” an annual wealth tax on all assets over $50 million.... Read more»

Immigrant song: Schools in Peru are under added pressure from wave of Venezuelan migrants

Schools in Peru — and the capital of Lima in particular — are struggling to deal with 700,000 Venezuelan refugees fleeing economic collapse in their home country.... Read more»

Why no literacy programs for 30 million in U.S.?

There are currently more than 30 million adults in the United States whose ability to read, write, and do basic math is at or below the level of the average third grader.... Read more»

Mexico, where off-the-books work is the rule, not the exception

Six in 10 Mexican workers toil in the country’s informal economy. The new president is after the potential income taxes they’re not paying. Wish him luck. ... Read more»1

¿Como se dice R&D? South America’s still learning how

South America’s science and technology lag behind its breakneck economic growth, but some in the region are working to change that.... Read more»

Mexicans aren't lazy - Belgians are

Or so says a report by the OECD. Americans, by the way, are fat but generous. It's a bad day for people who throw around ugly national stereotypes.... Read more»