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Occupy Tucson protesters were evicted from DeAnza Park last Thursday morning. 21 were arrested by Tucson police.

Guest opinion: Under Chief Villaseñor's direction, the Tucson Police Department abused both power and force March 1. They feebly attempted to cloak their actions under color of law with a vague, rarely-used City ordinance to do so. Read more» 5

Guadalupe Barrios, 25, was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a government operation, in addition to obstructing the sidewalk.

A day after being told to leave DeAnza Park, 21 Occupy Tucson campers were arrested by Tucson police Thursday morning. City officials cited increasing disturbances and calls to police for the move. Read more» 5

Occupy Tucson protesters set up camp on an easement just outside DeAnza Park on Feb. 2.

Occupy Tucson campers have been told by Tucson Police to vacate DeAnza Park by Thursday. City officials cited increasing disturbances and calls to police for the move. Occupiers were to meet Wednesday evening to plan their response. Read more» 1

Occupy Tucson protesters set up camp on an easement just outside DeAnza Park on Thursday.

Occupy Tucson members set up tents at DeAnza Park, just north of downtown, Thursday night. Tucson now has the longest-running uninterrupted anti-corporate protest in the nation, an organizer said. Read more» 8

A small group of Occupy Tucson members set up a few tents and an information table at DeAnza Park on Thursday.

Some Occupy Tucson members plan to regroup at a city park when they put up tents and plan to sleep at DeAnza Park, but the City of Tucson says members face arrest. Read more» 2

A new poll from Pew Research Center confirms that Americans are thinking a lot about class disparity. And now that they are talking, it turns out that most Americans think the deck is stacked in favor of the rich. Read more» 1

Tucson police evicted Occupy Tucson demonstrators from Veinte de Agosto park last week.

An open letter to Councilman Kozachik and TPD Chief Villaseñor, from organizer Shannon Cain: "We are Occupy Tucson, and this village isn't going anywhere." Read more» 22

In between facing off with riot police over tent cities and disrupting port traffic along the West Coast, Occupy protesters have managed to rake in some serious cash. But as protesters nationwide are evicted and cold weather sets in, recently released data from Occupy Wall Street in New York shows donations there have begun to dwindle. Read more» 1

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich was heckled at an endorsement event in Iowa on Wednesday and reportedly chased out of the Iowa Capitol building. The 2012 Republican presidential candidate had been in Des Moines to receive endorsement of one of Iowa’s top political leaders, Read more»

Tucson police ordered Occupy Tucson protesters from a downtown park Wednesday night after a critic of the camp rented the park. About 100 protesters removed tents and personal belongings from Veinte de Agosto Park as officers looked on. There was one arrest. (with video) Read more» 8

A 2009 Tea Party rally.

Support for the Tea Party is in a free fall. Now that so many voters have discovered that they apparently purchased a defective product in Tea Party governance in the 2010 elections, perhaps a similar recognition on the part of the mainstream media will not be so far behind. Read more» 2

Turn on the TV news and you're likely to hear the slogan, "We are the 99 percent." The story's not about Occupy Wall Street, though; those are women who've had sex with Herman Cain. Read more»

There are nine simple steps that policymakers can take immediately to reduce inequality, get our upside-down economy back on its feet, and begin restoring the promise of the American Dream. Read more» 2

Shoppers take advantage of Black Friday sales at the Westfield San Franscisco Centre mall in 2009. Occupy Wall Street protesters will take to mall parking lots on Friday with hopes of pushing consumers away from big chain stores toward local, small businesses.

This week the Occupy Wall Street protesters will occupy parking lots rather than campuses and Zuccotti Park, in hopes of pushing consumers away from shopping malls and big changes, towards local, small businesses. Read more» 5

Including three protesters cited on Monday night, a dozen demonstrators were ticketed at Occupy Tucson over the weekend, police said. Read more»

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