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Southern Arizona neighborhoods join Little Free Pantry movement to fight hunger

In Oracle, metal lockers have been converted into little pantries that serve one big purpose: to fight food insecurity in the unincorporated community of about 4,000 north of Tucson. Community members launched the project in September as a part of the Little Free Pantry movement, one of several efforts worldwide in which people donate food and goods and house them in a neighborhood space to be used by anyone who needs help.... Read more»

Arizona saw children’s obesity drop after WIC required healthier foods

The obesity rate among young Arizona children in the Women, Infants, and Children nutrition program declined from 2010 to 2016 after the program changed its rules to require healthier food, a new CDC report says.... Read more»

House GOP budget

Opinion: Ryan plan would harm our most vulnerable

The House Republican budget released Tuesday purports to boost economic growth by cutting taxes and government spending. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.... Read more»

Five federal programs lead list of improper grant payments

The Government Accountability Office has repeatedly found weaknesses in management of federal grants, placing billions of taxpayer dollars at risk. ... Read more»