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Arizona, Nevada voters split on renewable energy measures

Arizonans rejected a renewable energy proposition but the trend continues at the state level to encourage and increase standards in this emerging technology.... Read more»

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Prop. 127’s potential to reshape Arizona energy has electrified supporters and opponents

Prop. 127 supporters say it’s time to take advantage of one of the state’s most abundant resources: sunshine. Opponents say new energy mandates will result in higher costs for ratepayers. ... Read more»

Mexico reports fresh theft of radioactive material

Mexican authorities were searching on Monday for a container of radioactive material used for industrial X-rays that was stolen along with a car in central Mexico this weekend, the latest in a series of such case in the country. ... Read more»

Al Melvin wants to run for Corporation Commission

Out of the state Senate and snubbed by GOP donors in last year's gubernatorial contest, Al Melvin filed Monday to fun for a seat on the Corporation Commission — the state agency that regulates utilities, including the nuclear industry the right-wing Republican has frequently boosted.... Read more»2

Timeline: Long, bumpy road to the Iran nuclear deal

The world’s major powers and Iran have reached a deal Tuesday in the decades-long standoff over the Islamic republic’s nuclear program.... Read more»


Fukushima fallout not affecting U.S.-caught fish

The new revelations about the amount of water leaking from the Fukushima plant have caused a stir in the international community and led to additional scrutiny of Pacific Ocean seafood.... Read more»


Up and atom! Politics (and nuclear waste)

Republican Arizona State Senator Al Melvin has established an exploratory committee to evaluate his chances for a successful run for the governor's office. One of the main planks of his platform appears to be the construction of nuclear waste processing facilities in Arizona. What could go wrong?... Read more»

Al Melvin to run for governor

Arizona hasn't had a governor from south of the Gila since Raul Castro in the mid-1970s. Three-term Republican Sen. Al Melvin of Saddlebrooke thinks he can change that, although the GOP primary field is already crowded.... Read more»1

Mutant butterflies linked to fallout from Japan nuclear meltdown

Radioactive fallout from the Fukushima meltdowns has created mutant butterflies, researchers in Japan have said. Scientists say they've detected an increase in mutations in leg, antennae and wing shape among butterflies.... Read more»

One year after Japan disaster, APS says Palo Verde nuke plant is safe

A year after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, operators of Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station said Friday that events in Japan prompted new initiatives to prepare for emergencies.... Read more»

Loophole in nuclear bill may create risk of terrorist bomb

Nuclear experts have told Congress that a loophole in a bill meant to limit the use of bomb-grade uranium in medical isotopes could undo years of work to curb the risk of a terrorist nuclear bomb.... Read more»

Got questions for Al Melvin?

Got questions for state Sen. Al Melvin? Let us know. We'll be interviewing the Republican legislator on the Buckmaster Show at noon on Friday.... Read more»3

Paul, Santorum stretch truth on Iran

Iran is very much in the news, with President Obama signing legislation that imposes new sanctions against Iran, which has warned it may retaliate by closing a key oil route. But there was more heat than light on the critical issue of Iran from two GOP presidential candidates this weekend.... Read more»

Radioactive beef on market in Japan

Tokyo officials discovered that the meat of 11 cows from a Fukushima farm, which was about to be delivered, contained high levels of radiation, while radioactive meat of six other cows from the same farm was on the market.... Read more»

TEPCO apologizes for nuclear crisis following quake, tsunami

Executives from Tokyo Electric Power Co., the company behind Japan's stricken nuclear power plant, reportedly apologized Tuesday to investors and promised the company was trying its hardest to bring radiation leaks under control.... Read more»

Training lacking at Palo Verde nuke plant

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission report said more employees at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station need regular training on the plant’s Severe Accident Mitigation Guidelines, and that training exercises are rare.... Read more»

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