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Why Palo Verde, nation’s largest nuclear plant, is cutting wastewater use

There’s something in the Buckeye groundwater – a high mineral and salt content – that makes it hard to use, but the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station wants to tap into that source to reduce the amount of more valuable wastewater it now uses to cool the plant’s three reactors. ... Read more»

Palo Verde nuclear power plant continues to defy desert

The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station uses as much as 80 million gallons of water a day to generate power for about 4.1 million people across the drought-ridden Southwest. ... Read more»

Nuclear power plant flood risk: Sandy was just a warm-up

For all the damage it caused, Sandy was only a Category 1 hurricane — Hurricane Katrina, by comparison, was a Category 3. Given the challenges even Sandy brought to the Northeast’s nuclear power plants, which of these facilities are prepared to deal with the flood risks widely expected to increase as a result of global warming?... Read more»

Regulators open up about flawed policing of nuclear reactors

These are rocky days at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which finds itself under attack from the outside for decisions ranging from new reactor designs to safety issues that have languished for years. ... Read more»

Questions raised about safety of new nuclear fuel plant

Two of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s safety reviewers for the South Carolina project say the NRC has taken shortcuts on safety to avoid delaying construction.... Read more»


Japan could have avoided this nuclear horror

Why did the only country to endure the mass death and radiation of atomic bombs have to experience the worst peacetime nuclear horror? The evidence against nuclear plants in quake country was there, but it was ignored when constructing the Fukushima Daiichi plant.... Read more»

Comic: Japan

Nuclear brainstorming

Radiation leaks from damaged nuclear reactor cores at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station look to be a long term problem for Japan... and the world.... Read more»

Cooling pool nearly boils over at Japan nuke plant

A pool containing spent fuel rods at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant almost boiled over Tuesday, sending fresh tremors of fear among workers battling to cool it down.... Read more»

Engineers reconnect power lines to all six Japan reactors

Power cables have been reconnected to all six reactors at Japan's stricken nuclear plant, a major breakthrough in bringing unstable reactors under control, officials said Tuesday as the facility's operator came under criticism for withholding information about safety violations and accidents.... Read more»