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Congressional Dems want more federal cash to combat hunger during pandemic

Democratic lawmakers want to prioritize food insecurity in the next round of COVID-19 relief legislation. ... Read more»


No evidence to back concerns about taking ibuprofen with COVID-19

Fackcheck examines the claim that ibuprofen makes COVID-19 worse. ... Read more»

Could Donald Trump change journalism for the better?

Journalists, as chroniclers of the political system, are confronted with a dilemma. How should journalists cover Trump’s candidacy? Can they – and should they – be objective? Objectivity is a much misunderstood concept and is too often uncritically mythologized as central to American journalistic practice.... Read more»1

Test-driving the new Common Core exams

Millions of American students this spring are piloting new online standardized tests linked to the Common Core State Standards, which will debut next year in states that have adopted the standards. You can, too.... Read more»

The 6 most surprising ways the U.S. gov't is spending your taxes

You paid $81.50 toward America's nuclear weapons last year. ... Read more»

Think again

NPR: Still bending over backward

NPR needs to take a good hard look at whether its decision-making processes, whether on news content or on personal matters, are driven more by public relations concerns or by journalistic ones.... Read more»1


Liberate National Public Radio!

Having migrated from the world of mainstream media to one of progressive policy study, it might come as something of a shock to learn that I agree with right-wing attacks on federal support for National Public Radio.... Read more»

Think again

NPR and O’Keefe: Déjà vu all over again

It’s difficult to decide what is most infuriating—or depressing—about the spectacular success of James O’Keefe’s sting operation. But here are a few nominees.... Read more»

Think again

'Follow the money' on NPR chief's leaving

Deep Throat’s advice worked for Woodward and Bernstein, and it remains useful today. Take a look at the major stories of the day. Most often, they are portrayed in the media as clashes of personality first and ideology second. But almost always, they are, at bottom, about money.... Read more»

Humor: 'The Tuscon Problem'

Academics call Tucson 'most misspelled major city' in America

A group of academics have published a study calling Tucson “easily the most misspelled major city in America." Neurolinguists, working with Google engineers, are working on a solution.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Fox News top source of voter misinformation, study finds

The bad news for Fox News viewers is that merely watching the channel appears to be toxic. Daily watchers of Fox News believed the most misinformation of anyone. “Fox displays a particular pattern of misinformation. The more you watch the more inaccurate your views.” ... Read more»2


At Fox News, business is business

NPR commentator Juan Williams was fired for expressing his fear of Muslims, and quickly landed a $2 million contract with Fox, the Fearmonger Network.... Read more»


All journalism isn't local

Many increasingly popular news outlets in the United States are global information powerhouses, and successful modern reporters will be those able to best deconstruct our globalized world.... Read more»

Health care reform

Insurers move to cover kids up to 26 earlier than required

Insurers will move even more quickly than required to keep young adults on their parents insurance plan.... Read more»