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We are all propagandists now

The U.S. is in an information war with itself. The public sphere, where Americans discuss public issues, is broken. There’s little discussion – and lots of fighting. What’s worse, a new form of propaganda has emerged – and it’s enlisted us all as propagandists. ... Read more»

Sentinel editor schools Chomsky's class on local news

UA students in Prof. Noam Chomsky's class heard from TucsonSentinel.com Editor Dylan Smith on Thursday, as he laid out the current crisis in the local news business and answered questions about the Sentinel's work.... Read more»

'Elvis of academia': Noam Chomsky joins University of Arizona faculty

Noam Chomsky, a pioneer in cognitive science and noted linguist, philosopher and social critic, has joined the UA. Chomsky, an MIT professor emeritus, has been a leading American intellectual since the 1950s, and co-taught a UA course last spring. "We fell in love with Tucson — the mountains, the desert," he said.... Read more»

Snowden to Skype in for UA's 'Conversation on Privacy'

Centennial Hall will host a powerhouse panel on privacy issues Friday, including a Skype appearance by Edward Snowden. Also appearing will be activist Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald, a reporter who will also speak after a screening Thursday night at the Loft.... Read more»

Chomsky talks language, university investments

Internationally renowned linguist, author and policy pundit Noam Chomsky is visiting the University of Arizona this week to talk about language, education and politics. He'll give a free talk Wednesday night at Centennial Hall.... Read more»1

Think again

Two views of Samantha Power: A case study in conservative journalism

It would be a better world if these were the conservatives who actually spoke for the conservative movement in the United States. Instead what we get is mostly dishonest hacks like Stanley Kurtz; character assassins and ideological obsessives whose wild accusations do not even stand up to the scrutiny of the links provided in their own articles. ... Read more»