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Arizona forest health: Stressed by drought & pests, trees are losing resilience to changing climate

A 20-plus year drought – coupled with decades of fire-suppression policies and relentlessly rising temperatures – are behind much of the change in Arizona's forests, calling into question how forest health can be restored.... Read more»

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Climate data reveals a hotter, drier Arizona, with more extremes possible

The latest summary of climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association predicts Arizona’s climate will continue to warm, leading to rising temperatures, more intense wildfires, and ongoing drought.... Read more»


New report warns of 1-foot sea-level rise within 3 decades and more frequent flooding

A new report led by scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns that sea levels are rising, and that will bring profound flood risks to large parts of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts over the next three decades.... Read more»

Colorado River drought conditions spur calls for better water infrastructure

Experts in government, agriculture, water management and the environment stressed during a U.S. Senate hearing on Wednesday the danger that droughts fueled by climate change pose in the West, including the Colorado River Basin. ... Read more»

Drought continues to strangle American West, with no relief in sight

Scientists painted a grim picture of the changing climate and hydrological conditions in the American West during a virtual forum - while the recent dry patterns are part of a larger more extended trend, it is also impossible to overstate how dry and hot it has been in the last two years. ... Read more»

Hot dry fall predicted for the West after hottest July on record

Climatologists forecast a 70% chance that La Niña conditions will return for a second year in a row this winter, which could bring some rain for coastal areas of the Northwest and more dry conditions for the Southwest. ... Read more»

Fires continue to burn in a dry, hot West

Forecasts for high temperatures and precipitation bode ill for the American West, already in the throes of a prolonged drought and attempting to quell hundreds of large wildfires scattered across nine states. ... Read more»

Federal forecast finds no relief in sight for drought-stricken West

Blue skies will smile on the American West for the next several months, according to federal meteorologists — bad news for a region already mired in a multiyear drought. Currently, the entire state of Arizona is experiencing some form of drought. ... Read more»

Forecast calls for drier, warmer Az winter to follow 'non-soon' summer

State and federal weather officials are predicting a warmer and drier than normal winter for Arizona, which would come on the heels of the driest monsoon ever recorded in the state.... Read more»

Improperly disposed of PPE raises environmental concerns

Strewn across parking lots, in rivers and washing up on beaches, disposable face masks, gloves and other personal protection equipment are turning up everywhere except where they should be – in the landfill.... Read more»

Hot planet: January 2020 was warmest January in 141 years, NOAA says

Last month was Earth’s warmest January on record, NOAA reports, and that was true in Arizona, where January 2020’s average temperature was 3.2 degrees above the historic average. ... Read more»

Cold turkey: Chilly and wet Thanksgiving expected across Arizona

Another cold and wet week is setting up across Arizona, which, unfortunately, will affect the Thanksgiving holiday. The approaching storm looks to be the biggest to take aim at the state so far this winter season, making for messy holiday travel.... Read more»

Study: Climate change will continue to scorch the Southwest

Temperature data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration compiled by Climate Central show summers in Arizona will only get hotter thanks to climate change. ... Read more»1


Climate change means uncertain future for New Mexico chile farmers

Climate change is likely to produce more dry years and more unpredictable growing seasons for farmers in southern New Mexico, as temperatures increase and the snowpack in northern mountains continues to decline.... Read more»


UA scientists: CO2 spike 50 million years ago a 'scary finding' for Earth's future climate

University of Arizona researchers helped create a state-of-the-art computer model that shows how a spike in carbon dioxide over 50 million years ago may have caused global temperatures to skyrocket — a "scary finding" that has major implications for Earth's future climate.... Read more»

Unusually wet winter and spring pushes Arizona out of short-term drought

The U.S. Drought Monitor recently reported that, for the first time in its nearly 20-year history, none of the contiguous states — including Arizona — was showing symptoms of severe or exceptional drought. ... Read more»

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