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Amazon, Starbucks and the sparking of a new American union movement

Inspired by pro-union sentiment in political movements, individuals are spearheading the efforts for workplace reform rather than professional union organizers - indeed, one would be hard pressed to find many experienced organizers among the recent successful campaigns. ... Read more»

Federal speech rulings may embolden health care workers to call out safety issues

A federal appellate court ruling that hospital guidelines barring contact between employees and the media was illegal could force health care organizations to revise their policies barring workers from talking to the news media and posting on social media without written permission.... Read more»

Immovable objects: Asarco, striking miners at odds after 4 months

Striking Asarco workers passed four months on the picket line last week, but union officials insist they have strong community support and that workers are committed to staying out until they get a fair deal.... Read more»

Bill to exempt tribes from some labor oversight draws union concerns

Tribal leaders called on Congress to exempt their governments and government-run businesses from oversight by the National Labor Relations Board, a right they said is enjoyed by every other government in the country. But critics said that would remove any protections tribal workers might have.... Read more»

Phoenix lawyer urges Congress to block NLRB’s new ‘joint employer’ rule

Supporters said the new definition of “joint employer” is needed to protect workers in the modern economy, where contracted-out work often gives employees no recourse when labor laws are violated.... Read more»


Romney's 'gross' exaggeration on 'Obamacare'

Mitt Romney claims government will "constitute … almost 50 percent" of the U.S. economy when the new federal health care law takes full effect. That's nonsense.... Read more»


GOP's bogus bipartisan bill claims

In a mailer to constituents, a Republican congressman claims 27 “bipartisan bills” have passed the House but “hit a brick wall” in the Democratic-controlled Senate. But most of the bills are in fact not very “bipartisan.”... Read more»