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Campaigns come to town, often leave unpaid bills behind

President Donald Trump brought thousands out to his rally Wednesday at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum – what he likely did not bring was $145,000 to reimburse local governments for costs from previous rallies in Arizona.... Read more»

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The truth about America’s Mandela policy

As the world mourns Nelson Mandela, international leaders, including US President Barack Obama, gathered in Johannesburg to honor the legacy of the South African freedom fighter and reconciliation icon. Obama eulogized Mandela as “the last great liberator of the 20th century.” But Washington has not always praised South Africa’s first black president in this way.... Read more»

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Neoconservatism on the decline

In an August 2 New York Times column titled “The Neocon Revival,” David Brooks argues that, “Neocons came in for a lot of criticism during the Iraq war, but neoconservatism was primarily a domestic policy movement.” He goes on to contrast the good sense and cheer of old-fashioned neocons with the current crop of conservative crazies.... Read more»

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More Tea Party fiction

The number of Americans who call themselves members of the Tea Party is down to just 8 percent, a decline that's is entirely predictable in hindsight, considering just how much nonsense one had to believe in order to take seriously the absurdities that Tea Party leaders spouted.... Read more»1

Investment managers top list of super PAC donors

Despite his vast wealth, Sheldon Adelson was not exactly a household name when the Republican presidential primary campaign got under way. But the casino magnate’s multimillion-dollar contributions to a pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC ended that.... Read more»

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The Republican brand killed Romney

In the run up to Election Day, Republican interest groups are trying to avoid being the one that gets blamed. With all the polls now showing an Obama surge, they are jockeying for position to lock in credible-sounding explanations for why Romney is losing, the Senate is slipping from their grasp and other down-ballot races are turning blue. ... Read more»

Factcheck: Romney's big speech short on details

In a speech heavy on anecdotal history but short on policy details, Mitt Romney avoided major falsehoods in making his case to the American public, but we found a few bits of exaggeration and puffery.... Read more»3

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The new American politics: Voting with dollars

The future of elections rest with how you spend your paycheck. This election season marks a tipping point for American politics. We are at the moment when money is poised to replace voting as the way that elections are decided. ... Read more»

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The conservative war on knowledge

As evidenced by the global warming “debate,” Tea Party-style conservatives have a problem with reality.... Read more»

Obama's Top 10 one-liners from correspondents' dinner

No man, woman or dog was safe from barbs at Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington.... Read more»

Top 10 donors make up a third of donations to super PACs

Super PACs have not led to a tsunami of contributions flowing from the treasuries of Fortune 500 corporations, contrary to expectations — at least not yet anyway. ... Read more»

Ron Paul is really serious about transparency

He may be in last place when it comes to delegates, but when it comes to filing expense reports with the Federal Election Commission, Ron Paul beats everyone.... Read more»1

Romney picks up endorsements ahead of Wis. primary

Mitt Romney picked up another key endorsement as the latest polls show him leading by up to 10 points in Tuesday's Wisconsin primary.... Read more»

McCain predicts 'huge scandals' in super PAC-tainted election

Sen. John McCain slammed the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision as “incredibly naïve” on Tuesday, and predicted there would be “huge scandals” in its wake. (with video)... Read more»

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Marco Rubio to GOP: Make the pain stop!

The Republican primary is killing any GOP chance to win the presidency. Marco Rubio wants to stop the madness.... Read more»3

Santorum hopes Jelly Belly visit sweetens campaign pot

Rick Santorum is hoping a speech at a Jelly Belly factory will bring in needed campaign funds.... Read more»

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