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The loss of Anthony Shadid, a profound listener

Anthony Shadid was the living embodiment of the idea of ground truth. He won two Pulitzer Prizes and a legion of other professional awards and was widely regarded by his colleagues. His death in Syria of an apparent asthma attack Thursday at age 43 stunned us all.... Read more»

Comic: Olympics

Dear God

U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials second-place finisher Ryan Hall is the United States' fastest marathon runner, and a religious man. So religious that God is his coach.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Employers debunk GOP 'job creator' myth

Employers don’t create jobs, customers do. This week, business owners themselves exploded the myth that they are the job creators. ... Read more»

Think again

Wall Street wins (and whines)

Close readers of The New York Times will have noticed a disagreement among its reporters on whether Wall Street bankers are pleased or peeved with the treatment they've received from the Obama administration.... Read more»

Think again

How to succeed in journalism without really caring (about issues)

If I were teaching a course on political coverage, one could use the coverage of George W. Bush by the New York Times' new op--ed columnist Frank Bruni—together with his campaign memoir—as examples of what every young reporter should take heed to avoid.... Read more»

Trump's history of lawsuits could damage bid for White House

Trump's heavy use of courts against critics or those he’s trying to gain a financial edge against could create image and political headaches for him if he chooses to run for the GOP nomination.... Read more»


So you want to be a journalist

"I would like to write for the New York Times." "Would you like to live in your parents' basement and work for the local weekly on a contract basis without health benefits?" "You are very bitter..."... Read more»

Think again

And they call it democracy

Think again: The media is slow to realize that outside groups are spending hard to tilt the balance of our democracy in their favor, explains Eric Alterman.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

A Citizens United conspiracy, complete with two Supremes

Smart v. Stupid: The New York Times is reporting that the billionaire Koch Brothers regularly convene secret conclaves of industrialists aiming to prevent government from regulating business.The attendees also include two Supreme Court justices and three news agencies who never report on the meetings.... Read more»

How WikiLeaks could change the way reporters deal with sources

The release of more than 75,000 classified documents by WikiLeaks this week makes the old arrangement between reporters and sources regarding government secrets seem as quaint as vinyl records and typewriters.... Read more»

What the WikiLeaks War Logs tell us

Classified documents leaked in a time of war. The comparisons abound, but what did the Pentagon Papers say about Vietnam, and what do the War Logs tell us now? We asked Neil Sheehan, who reported the Pentagon Papers story for the New York Times.... Read more»

Truth, and rhetoric, on border crime

"Perception often trumps reality" says an analysis of the issue of illegal immigrants and crime in the New York Times.... Read more»


Did the Times get played on Afghan mineral story?

The New York Times' lead story Monday about "nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan" was the kind of journalism that seemed at first glance to be a game changer. Was the Times played by the U.S. military to see the value of the mineral deposits when Washington appears to be increasingly concerned about the public losing confidence in the war?... Read more»

Factcheck: SB 1070 allows for some racial profiling

Factcheck.org examines Arizona's SB 1070 and finds that it's not just a mirror image of federal law, and allows some profiling. But, in theory, no more than what the courts permit already.... Read more»4


Times praises students arrested in McCain office sit-in

A New York Times editorial, "Courage in Arizona," offered praise for the four immigrant students arrested in sit-in at Sen. John McCain's Tucson office Monday.... Read more»

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