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Film Tucson: Lack of Arizona film incentives has 'Duster' making tracks out of town

We landed the pilot episode of "Duster" thanks to our ability to connect the producers with affordable hotels, cinematic locations, and our hard-working local crew base. But due to our lack of state film incentives, we're unsure if the rest of the show will come to Tucson.... Read more»

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Oil production & rhetoric are up in New Mexico — but jobs & investments? Not so much.

As many groups are demanding American leaders increase oil production, the oil and gas industry has thousands of unused federal drilling permits - but the majority of producers said they had no plans to dramatically increase production in the next year.... Read more»

The cruel failure of welfare reform in the Southwest

In the 25 years since President Bill Clinton took Ronald Reagan's notions to their apotheosis in his 1996 welfare reform law - which Clinton said would “end welfare as we know it” - federal welfare funding, frozen by law at 1996 levels, has been decimated.... Read more»

How the rise of copper reveals clean energy’s dark side

When “clean energy” relies on the extraction of metals like copper, it can also pollute the surrounding environment, and that leaves environmentalists in a pinch. ... Read more»

N.M. hospitals overwhelmed by COVID cases can use 'crisis standards' to determine who gets care

Hospitals in New Mexico are being authorized to use "crisis standards of care" to determine who gets treatment, as unvaccinated COVID patients are placing an "enormous, ongoing, and unsustainable strain" on that state's health care system.... Read more»

How a Mississippi court case could pave way for abortion ban in Arizona, across U.S.

The abortion case that will be heard by the Supreme Court on Dec. 1, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, could spur a cascade of legal changes across two dozen states if justices back the restrictive Mississippi law — and potentially dismantle Roe v Wade. ... Read more»

Trial starts in Rio Grande Supreme Court water lawsuit between New Mexico and Texas

Attorneys laid out their arguments Monday during the first day of a virtual trial in a lawsuit over Rio Grande water with Texas and the federal government alleging that New Mexico’s use of groundwater cut into Texas’ share of river water.... Read more»

How the House reconciliation bill scraps Resolution Copper mine in Oak Flat

Proposals targeting specific areas for conservation in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and federal waters off Louisiana's coast made their way into the gigantic budget reconciliation bill that Democrats are moving through Congress.... Read more»

Q&A: How one warrior mobilized to deliver water to the Navajo Nation

Zoel Zohnnie, a welder who was a laid off during the pandemic, is delivering water across the Navajo Nation reservation through the Water Warriors United project but hopes that the pandemic and the recovery effort are the start of a new policy to better serve the reservation's residents. ... Read more»

At Texas border, pandemic’s high toll lays bare gaps in health and insurance

In Texas border communities, not only did people die of COVID-19 at significantly higher rates than elsewhere, but people under age 65 were also more likely to die, highlighting higher-than-normal prevalence of underlying health issues combined with high uninsurance rates and flagging access to care for residents.... Read more»

Az Senate contractor Wake Technology Services audited a Pennsylvania election as part of the #StopTheSteal movement

The company that is conducting a hand recount of nearly 2.1 million Maricopa County ballots conducted an election audit in rural Pennsylvania county at the request of a state senator who has been a prominent advocate of the “Stop the Steal” movement that has spread baseless conspiracy theories that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against Donald Trump.... Read more»

Arizona readies for cuts in Colorado River water allocation

Leaders from Reclamation, the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Central Arizona Project, which delivers much of the state’s share of the river to more than half its residents, offered a glimpse Thursday of where Arizona stands with the shortage looming.... Read more»

Navajo warn hospitals at 'breaking point' in worsening COVID-19 surge

With a shortage of beds, oxygen and staff, the Navajo Nation can no longer depend on regional aid and is sending critical patients farther afield for care, officials reported Thursday.... Read more»

New Mexico governor orders 'shelter in place' over spiraling COVID-19 resurgence

In an acknowledgement of how bad things have gotten, New Mexico is returning to sheltering in place, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham ordered. That means everyone must stay home unless they work in an essential business, or need to go out for groceries or medical care. ... Read more»

Pima officials 'alarmed' at COVID-19 spike: Infections & hospitalizations on rise

The "alarming rate" of new coronavirus cases in Pima County looks "like the beginning of the huge spike that we saw over the summer," and local officials are cautioning people to be safer as the holidays approach.... Read more»

Navajo hemp investigation expands to federal marijuana, labor probe

A Navajo Nation probe of a controversial, Navajo-owned hemp operation has turned into a federal investigation into reports of marijuana production, interstate drug trafficking and violations of labor and child labor laws.... Read more»

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