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Easing the stress of poverty can bring down rates of child abuse & neglect

A new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics found significant drops in reported child maltreatment cases in the weeks after families received federal child and earned income tax credits that were put in place as a form of coronavirus pandemic relief. ... Read more»

No cold elders: Volunteers provide firewood for Navajo families ahead of winter

As winter approaches, volunteers with Chizh for Cheii are preparing to deliver firewood to elders on the Navajo Nation reservation, where nearly 90% of homes rely on wood for heat.... Read more»

House panel told deaths of children in CBP custody could have been prevented

Medical experts told members of Congress Wednesday that the deaths of two children in Customs and Border Protection custody could have been prevented, but called the deaths “symptoms of a more extensive system that requires much improvement.”... Read more»

Families claim they were falsely accused of child neglect or abuse

Barrio Defense Committee is helping the families fight what they claim are false accusations of child abuse and neglect reported by the hospital and investigated by the child safety department.... Read more»

Elder abuse often in the form of self-neglect

Almost 1,300 cases of elder abuse were investigated in Pima County in 2011. More than half were cases of self-neglect. ... Read more»